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Clever bunch of folks, you are.

Posted by Lissa on December 17, 2009

Har-de-har-har.  Brats!  😉

Okay, I’ll clarify:

Rather than take the time to

– think up something to write about

– frame the post in my mind

– write it out

– edit it

– proof it for spelling and/or grammatical errors

and THEN post . . . instead, I published a 22-words excuse.

And it’s only 22 if you count “I.”  Which *I* did.

And believe me, I was seriously tempted to do the same again today, only I had to respond to the clever gits from yesterday.

Apparently, I’m getting old.  Three nights of being up past midnight is too much for this doddering old graybeard . . .

Happy Thursday!  Don’t freeze!!

7 Responses to “Clever bunch of folks, you are.”

  1. Jay G. said

    Lissa, if you’re old, I’m positively ancient. And we won’t even talk about Borepatch…

  2. Heheheh you called me a brat!

    hehehhe you were TOTALLY right! : ]

    Keep warm, Lady!

  3. oldmetalguy said

    My Grandfather used to say about getting old:

    It’s not the years…

    It’s the mileage.

  4. you have a beard?


  5. mike w. said

    Wait you mean you write out the post, then edit it and then proofread?

    I don’t bother with the last 2 steps.

  6. For me Firefox has a spell-checker, and that’s good enough for me!

  7. wolfwalker said

    I have a spellchecker in my head that beats every spellchecker ever put into any computer program.

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