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Good news/ Bad news

Posted by Lissa on December 15, 2009

Good news: The office manager promised to call before the glass guys came to repair the sliding door.

Bad news: He didn’t.

Good news: They did lock the cat away in the bedroom.

Bad news:  It was the spare bedroom, not the master bedroom.  I.e., no food, water, or litter.

Bad news (2): They didn’t let him out when they left, so he was stuck there until I got home at 10:45 PM.

Good news: Rajah didn’t puke or poop on the carpet

Bad news: . . . . that I’ve discovered.  Yet.

Good news:  The glass guys removed the shattered pane of glass from the sliding door.

Bad news: They didn’t replace it with a new pane.

Good news: It’s a double-paned door so I still have the one whole piece of glass!

Bad news: It’s only Tuesday.  It’s gonna be a loooooooooong week . . .

Good news: I had beef stew ready in my crockpot when I came home that I’d cooked for over 24 hours.  YUM!!!!

I believe the good news wins 🙂

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