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Range Report: Exterminator edition

Posted by Lissa on December 14, 2009

Good morning all!  The funniest thing happened at the range yesterday.  I had picked my lane, shucked my coat, grabbed a chair to hold my range bag and purse, and was extracting targets and ammo when I heard someone say, “Lissa?”

I looked up and saw . . . someone totally unfamiliar.

Now, this happens more often than I’d like; I have a DREADFUL memory for names and faces (Reason #5,295,850 I’ll never be a politician).  So I pasted on my usual puzzled Do-I-know-you half-grin, and the woman smilingly explained:

“I read your blog.”


As I disjointedly explained to the woman, N*, it was the first time I’d met someone who knew my blog persona and not my real persona.  N had recognized the Lissaville Range from my target pix; she invited me to join a few of the shooting groups that meet on a regular basis.  I thanked her for the invite, thanked her for introducing herself, and we went ahead with our shooting.

And all the while I’m having little flashes of, “Of course I’ve no makeup on and it’s raining and I’m wearing clogs.  She’s gonna think I Photoshopped all my blogpix.”

Never underestimate the power of silly vanity :-p

On to the shooting!  Details below the fold:

I realized that, while aiming, I was watching the target too much.  I’d line up the sights to cover the black center dot of the fisher, but I hadn’t then been transferring my full vision to the sights.  Once I realized this, my shots got better:

(Target by the fabulous Stoaty!)

Still more dispersion than I’d like, though.  Working on it.

I ran a hundred rounds of CCI through the Mosquito then switched to the 239 9 mm.  I was prepared this time for the shorter trigger pull, but it’s still quite a switch; it felt, in comparison, like a damned hand cannon.

I also tried out a new target of my own making.  It’s not nearly as cool, nor as functional, as the one Stoaty made for me, but it does get its meaning across:

You know my feelings on hellbugs.

It doesn’t have a nice centerpoint like the fisher cat does; that’s the difference between professionally made, and just taking a photo through befunky.com.  As you can tell, I’m jerking the shots low; not sure whether it’s recoil anticipation or relaxing my wrist before the shot breaks.  Could be a bit of both.  The recoil seems extra-hard when you’ve accustomed yourself to the .22.  Perhaps I need to take a longer break between my calibers.

Happy Monday!

*I didn’t ask her if I could use her name, so I’ll stick with the initial.  N, you’re welcome to tell me in the comments what your comfort level is.  It was lovely to meet you!


6 Responses to “Range Report: Exterminator edition”

  1. Jay G. said

    You’re famous! Can I get your autograph so I can sell it on eBay?

    Good on ya, Lissa. One of these days I may need to impose on you to try that Mosquito out… 😉

  2. I have the same problem with names/faces. My best friends used to host Karaoke shows and I would spend a lot of time out in bars hanging out with them, SO, the people who also hung out in those bars (many of whome I had never even spoken with) would often come up to me during the day when I was out at the super-market or whatever and call me by name and talk to me like we were long friends. They all knew my name because I am a bit of a goof-off and would ham it up on the mic. I mean, why not when your best friend is in charge of who gets to sing what.

    Damn disconserting that.


  3. secretlivesofscientists said

    Practice dry-firing on the P239.

  4. Nicole said

    Hi Lissa,
    I’m fine with being identified. Glad I could bring some amusement into your day. And for the readers – she’s lying, she looked fantastic and was a aesthetic credit to the concept of ‘gunchick.’

  5. Lissa said

    Jay, the sheer statistical unlikelihood of having a gun YOU want to try out makes this a done deal. Though the holidays are busy!!

    Stuart, I had serious problems with this in college; I’ve got a very recognizable tattoo on my left shoulder, so everyone knew me. Oy.

    SLOS, definitely. Mike bought us snap-caps before we could buy real ammo, so I do have the tools!

    And Nicole, you’re too kind! And right back atcha on the gunchick aesthetics 😉 Thank you again for introducing yourself; it was a pleasure to meet you!

  6. I’d say the shots you landed will have slain the hell-bug!

    Oh FYI I found one at the bottom of my trash can once. I did the ‘ol WD-40 and a lighter trick. Did him in right proper….also made all those creepy legs disappear!

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