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Sigs and Torture

Posted by Lissa on December 9, 2009

Or rather, “Torturing Sigs.”

My daddy always said that the main reason he has a Glock is that you can freeze it in a bucket of water, thaw it the next day and it will still shoot.

Well, what if you freeze it in a bucket of water, drop it from five stories, light it on fire, and blow it up with Tannerite?  After having run them over with tractors and whaled on ’em with baseball bats, naturally.

“Hell and back reliability” indeed!

(h/t Mike)


4 Responses to “Sigs and Torture”

  1. Saw a gun mag where somebody batter-dipped and deep fried a S&W1911.

    That being said if I can lug my 1911 around in my holster for say two weeks every day, then pull it out at the range and run 100 rounds through it without a hiccup, that’s good enough for me.

    If my 1911 gets set on fire….well It’s likely in my holster and I’m more concerned about my ass being on fire, and not if my gun is gonna keep working.

  2. Jay G. said

    LaserMax? Hey, I know those guys! They make one helluva cool laser for Sigs you know… 😉

  3. Mike said

    Those P220s are neat. It’s a good thing MA has strong consumer protection regulations to keep me from buying that model and instead steer me towards the regular (and slightly less indestructible) one, right? I know it’s that Sig rightly doesn’t want to bear the costs of having each and every possible variant slightly modified and tested/approved for MA, but I must not be smart enough to understand how this makes me better off as a consumer.

  4. Evyl Robot said

    Holy crap! I thought I wanted a Sig before, but that seals the deal!

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