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Range Report: Fisher Cat versus Mosquito

Posted by Lissa on December 7, 2009

Battle info below the fold!

Finally received our training gun!

Isn’t it pretty?  And it shoots 100 rounds for $8, as opposed to 50 rounds for $14.  Hooray!

We bought CCI mini-mag .22 (partly on Weer’d Beard‘s advice) since we’d heard that the Mosquito could be picky in its diet.  We were pleased to find that it ate 300 rounds just fine.

(With one exception.  Mike and I were in adjoining lanes, passing the Mosquito back and forth (locked open and back, and still pointed downrange).  On one of my turns, I had two misfires in a row; just duds.  I popped the mag and racked the slide to eject the defective rounds, but started to worry that the Mosquito finicky dietary preferences were manifesting themselves.  Then I realized the safety was on.)

After working exclusively with .40 and 9mm, the .22 was a surprise.  Remember also that the Mosquito has a polymer frame, so it felt quite different than the usual metal.  At 8¢ per round, I felt free to kill that fisher cat good and dead:

(Target provided by the fabulous Stoaty!  I’m thinking I may ask her for a house centipede, next . . . )

We went through 100 rounds apiece with the Mosquito.  Mike shot through another hundred rounds, but I switched to the 239.  Practice makes perfect!

(There’s a lot more shot dispersion than I’d like — I need more repetition.  Still, an eight-inch shot dispersion at 33 feet — oh FINE, Mike insists I put the target in front of the yellow line, so 31 feet — gets the job done without collateral damage.  Assuming a non-moving stationary target . . . sigh.  More reps.)

It was a shock to switch to the 9 mm, although not perhaps for the reasons you think.  Yes, it seemed very loud, and very snappy and forceful, after the .22 — but that wasn’t what shocked me.  No, I was stunned by the difference in trigger pull.  The 239 requires a very forceful trigger pull in double-action — 10.3 pounds, I think? Too lazy to look — anyway, it takes quite a tug.  (I was thinking about that the other day — that you have to exert enough force with one finger to lift two bags of flour, in order for the gun to fire in double-action.  That’s a lot of force.  I like it that way.)

Tangent aside — I felt that the Mosquito had a very long trigger pull, i.e. your finger had to travel a good 1.5 inches to make the gun fire.  With the 239, you have to tug really hard, but the trigger travels perhaps HALF that distance before the gun fires.  It really surprised me; it’s a difference I’ll keep in mind.

We’re very pleased with the Mosquito; it’s an attractive gun that will let us hone our shooting skills without dropping massive amounts of cash.  It behaved well and earned its place in the family.

Happy Monday, all!


10 Responses to “Range Report: Fisher Cat versus Mosquito”

  1. Mike said

    As a point of information, it will actually cost a bunch less than $8 per 100 in the future too. Though Sig says CCI Mini-Mags as the preferred ammo for the Mosquito, they also listed Federal High Velocity as being good and that ran $19 for 500, so a little less than half the price per 100.

  2. Jay G. said

    DO WANT!

  3. totwtytr said

    Eight inches at 31 feet is fine shooting. Some people I know put up an eight inch paper plate as their only target and shoot at 15-20 feet. As long as the rounds are on the paper, it’s a good hit.

    Perfect practice makes perfect, just to be picky.

    If you have a 10.5 pound trigger pull for double action, you should look into a trigger job. For about $100.00 or so, it’s a good investment. I just bought a S&W M&P 9c with a Greg Derr trigger job done on it. Shoots very nicely, and it saved me the trouble of having it done.

    Different firearms have different trigger pulls. Which is why you should always fire one enough to become comfortable with it before you think about carrying it for self defense.

    • Mike said

      10 pounds for double action on a DA/SA is pretty standard (I think Walther PPK goes as high as 13 in double action), but it’s closer to 3 for any follow-up shots. If you’re used to your M&P, this is obviously different, but I like that one has to really mean to fire the first shot, but, after that, it’s nice and easy.

      I’ve not tried the Sig DAK trigger system, though, and I’ve heard generally good things about that.

    • NeuroBLADES said

      Well, the actual trigger pul for the SIG Mosquito is 12.4 lbs. for DA, 4.4 lbs. for SA. It’s there to replicate the approximate trigger pull (10.0 lbs.for DA, 4.4 lbs. for SA) of the “big boy” SIG’s. Kind of like using a .22 caliber Colt M4 to practice, saving money on ammo while still allowing for that familiar feel of the real thing. The weight variance being the only issue NOT similar but that really shouldn’t be an issue.

  4. 300 rounds without a stoppage, I’d say from the Mosquitos (and Walther P22, as well as any other .22 prima donna I’ve shot…if you can get through 50 rounds without a choke, that’s good ammo for that gun…100 Impressive, 300? FLAWLESS!

    Also cheap and easy (tho a bit boring) is just dry-fire your guns (not sure about the mosquito, but your centerfire sigs should be fine for dry-fire) in DA mostly (tho throw in some SA for variety) and watch the sights CLOSELY. Get that trigger press down and when you go to the range you’ll find you forgotten how to jerk the trigger.

    For bragging rights set a penny (or better yet a DIME) and just keep pressing that trigger, and see if you can keep that dime from falling.

    Congrats on getting your first-of-many!

  5. mike w. said

    Bruce Gray of Grayguns.com does excellent work on Sig triggers.

    Sadly none of my Sigs have been to him.

    And geez, Minimags are $8 / 100 now?! I’m glad I picked up a couple thousand when they were half that price.

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