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Lissa’s Recipe File: Herb-topped tomatoes

Posted by Lissa on December 2, 2009

Good morning all! Yes, it’s MORE foodblogging.  Shut up!  I like food!

(I seriously do.  Food descriptions are some of my favorite passages in books.  The caviar-chicken scene in The Bell Jar, the food descriptions laced through James Herriot’s books — I love reading and re-reading them.  Comfort food without the calories!)

As I’ve said before, my mom is a fantastic cook.  She serves up way, way too much food when she has guests and then we eat all of it because it’s all delicious.  Goat-cheese-olive-and-anchovy-topped puff pastry, spinach-and-artichoke dip, jalopeño cheddar, brie, and more . . . . and this was BEFORE the turkey dinner!

I was leaning against the kitchen counter chatting with her as she prepared one of the simpler sides, the tomatoes pictured here:

Well, to be honest, hers were prettier than that — she minced up the onions way smaller than I did  (I’ll have to work on my mincing technique) and used less topping, so hers didn’t look oozy the way mine do.   Anyway, she minced red onion and curly parsley then marinated them in Zesty Italian dressing.

That’s all.  She mixed onion and parsley with dressing then spooned it onto tomato slices.  And holy COW was it good!!  It was pretty and colorful and tasted fresh and tangy and seemed WAY fancier than I’d have thought!

The other stuff on the plate is pan-fried mozzarella.  Adapting a recipe from my Pampered Chef cookbook — and you really should buy that book, it’s awesome — I sliced fresh mozzarella and dredged the slices in flour, egg and then a mixture of crushed almonds, Panko and Parmesan cheese.  I laid them in heated olive oil and cooked two minutes on each side.  It was delicious, but super-rich; the bright and tangy tomatoes were the perfect foil to the savory cheese.

Sadly — well, happily for my figure — I didn’t get apple pie for dessert, because I pawned that off on LilBro 1 to take back to college.  College-aged boys eat like NOBODY’S BUSINESS, y’all 🙂

Happy Hump Day!


3 Responses to “Lissa’s Recipe File: Herb-topped tomatoes”

  1. totwtytr said

    Food doesn’t seem to like you, though At least it doesn’t hang around like it does when I eat stuff I like! 🙂

  2. Heh, if you like Foodie passages in books, I’d be curious to see what you’d think of Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lechter books. Dr. Lechter might be an insane killer, but the dude is a hardcore foodie.

    Probably the #1 reason why I don’t like Harris’ books…he spends too much time admiring the monsters while I’m busy cheering in the FBI to pop a cap in them!

  3. Mike said

    I think I’m more interested in the fried cheese. Nothing beats breading and frying cheese.

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