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A Yank attempts Southern gravy

Posted by Lissa on November 30, 2009

Well, I’m sort of a Yank, anyway.  I was born in Texas and lived seven years in Maryland before moving to MA (and doing college in NC), but most of my cooking experience is Yankee-style.

So I needed the step-by-step details and pictures from FarmMom before I could attempt a real milk pan gravy:

Copying Roberta X, the first thing I did was fry up four slices of bacon. While that was cooking up, I microwaved two salt-and-peppered chicken breasts till they were just-cooked-through.  The bacon migrated to a paper-toweled-plate — it might have lost a slice in the process — and the chicken got a quick bacon-fat-sear on both sides, giving it a nice golden brown color and a smoky savory taste.

I popped the green beans in the microwave (tossed with a bit of butter and a half cup of sliced almonds) and got to work with the gravy.  Thanks to FarmMom, the consistency came out pretty good, but it was rather bland (since I hadn’t fried spicy chicken in it).  I fixed that with salt, pepper, seasoned salt, a bit of Montreal Steak Seasoning and some cayenne pepper — delish!

The green beans came out (next time I’ll cook them a minute less) and I crumbled the bacon across the top.  Voile!

Finished off with homemade apple pie!  And that was so good I licked the plate.  Seriously.

The only sad thing was that no one was here to share my lovely meal . . .

P.S.  No, just kidding. This was my first time for the pie, the gravy and that style of green beans.  Since Mike is out of town so often, I prefer to experiment on myself first.  That way, if anything sucks no one else has to eat it!

P.P.S.  I used whole Lactaid instead of whole milk.  My digestive system gratefully thanked me.

P.P.P.S.  There was a lot of gravy left.  How well does that reheat?  Anyone know?


4 Responses to “A Yank attempts Southern gravy”

  1. Tam said

    It has been my experience that gravy loses its zing after the first cool-down, but others may tell me I’m wrong.

    The neat thing about pan gravy is that, like both Anti-Seize compound and yellow mustard, you could use a pinhead-sized drop to paint the walls of a room. It can be messy in a way that BBQ sauce only wishes it was.

  2. The inter tubes are weird.
    A day after Farmmom posted that in CO, I was eating chicken fried steak w/pan gravy here at the ranch in NH (the Mrs. reads TT too).

    If you microwave it slowly (i.e. don’t get it to boiling), & add milk at the appropriate times to thin, & stir a lot, it will continue to do duty as long as you desire. To Tam’s point, you may want to adjust seasoning as you go along…

  3. Farm.Dad said

    The gravy is best reheated by double boilering it with medium to medium low heat , stirring often and only add liquid if needed. The farm family considers left over gravy as puppy treats tho in all honesty .

  4. Borepatch said

    When I was a teenager (back when Eisenhower was president, or was it Garfield?), I would make sandwiches with cold gravy as a filling. It would get thick like jam (at least, mama’s would).

    Not sure that I’d go for it now, but I’ll bet that #1 Son and #2 Son would.

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