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Stress management

Posted by Lissa on November 20, 2009

Wow!  Today’s post, like yesterday’s post, needs to start with a thank-you for comments.  Like all good bloggers I love me some comments; thank you everyone!  To the various questions, I say:

– I’m getting regular Custom Lasik, not Epi-Lasik.  Flap away, baby!

– I don’t have any pre-existing conditions that would prevent the surgery; I had all the tests done.  Twice.

– I’m not that worried about night halos, because 1) Custom Lasik is supposed to have a lesser chance of that than regular Lasik; 2) I’ve already got night halos, so what is there to lose?

– I should have mentioned that the surgery is more affordable because we can use FSA, or pre-tax, dollars.  Instant 30% discount!

I’m thrilled and encouraged by all your success stories.  Countdown to Lasik: 56 days!!

On to today’s post 🙂

Long story short . . . I had a work screwup.  An error was made back in June.  I didn’t MAKE the error, and the party that made the error was screwing around with stuff they shouldn’t be touching, but . . . part of my job is to catch errors before the final product.  I didn’t catch this one, it suddenly came to light, and suddenly everyone was pissed off and sending around nasty emails.

Oh, sh*t.

I panicked.  I felt terrible.  I worried about being reprimanded.  I worried about being put on warning.  I even wondered whether I would be fired.

I knew I was over-reacting even as I over-reacted.

It all turned out okay; no one is happy, but no one is angry at ME.  Everyone pretty much blames the party that made the error, and the fact that I obviously felt awful actually found favor with my group; my boss’s boss stopped by personally to assure me that it wasn’t my fault*.  Within a day or two it all blew over.

However . . . during that day or two I felt like hell.  I lost my appetite.  I couldn’t sleep very well.  I felt physically ill and terrified.

It’s a great dieting technique, but it’s a lousy life technique.

I’ve GOT to learn better ways of managing stress.  Being sick and shaky for twenty-four hours is SERIOUSLY less than optimal.

Suggestions, y’all?  When something goes very wrong and you think it’s your fault, how do you deal?


*I’m used to dealing with screwups and mistakes; aren’t we all?  But I find it much, much easier to help correct for something that wasn’t my fault to begin with.  When it is my fault, it’s just so much worse . . .

8 Responses to “Stress management”

  1. Maker’s Mark…

  2. mike w. said

    Suggestions, y’all? When something goes very wrong and you think it’s your fault, how do you deal?

    Drink. Heavily.

  3. wolfwalker said

    Think of Gibbs.

    I mean, you can’t control how your boss treats you, but you can control how you treat you. So, treat yourself like Gibbs would: He’s merciless only if the person who made the error tries to evade responsibility or refuses to fix it. Otherwise he accepts it and also accepts that they will learn from it, and keeps pluggin’ along.

  4. Jay G. said

    Seriously, Lissa?

    Get to the range.

    When I’m seriously stressed out, I grab a Magnum caliber handgun and a .45 and I hit the range.

    Run a box of 50 full-strength .357 Magnum round through the Model 19 and a half-dozen magazines through the Gold Cup and I’m one happy camper.

    (I also bring a .22 or two to help stretch out the shootie goodness FWIW…)

    Glad everything’s okay!

  5. When my Grandfather died when I was 13, my uncle Joe took me out to the field beside the house, pointed out a soda can about 60 yards away, handed me his 4″ S&W model 19 and said shoot until you can hit that. Joe reloaded .38spl by the thousands so we had enough ammo to last for a while. I was pretty small back then so Joe wouldn’t let me shoot the magnum stuff. Since then, plinking has been the best relaxer that I have ever found. Now that I live in the city (hopefully to escape back to the country as soon as I can afford a place) I don’t have the luxury of a place to plink with “real” guns but I keep a couple of airsofts that I can plink around with when I can’t get to the range. It’s not as good, but it’s better than nothing.


  6. secretlivesofscientists said

    I go to the range. It’s a terrific head-clearing practice because the 4 rules and anything gun related forces any other thoughts out of my head. I always feel physically better after that, even though the real problems remain, but definately good enough to eat.

  7. Borepatch said

    If you don’t sleep or eat, it looks like you have the Borepatch Coping Strategy down pat. :-/

  8. Makers Mark?


    Allow me to recommend a good Single Malt or three…. Balvenie, a Speyside malt…Glenmorangie, an excellent Highlands malt…Laphroaig, an Islay malt…and my personal favorite (and hard to get stateside) Isle of Jura, which is made on the Islands off the northwestern coast of Scotland.

    Dayum…now I’m thirsty. Off to my *medicine cabinet* for a bit of Scottish snake-oil. 😉

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