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Posted by Lissa on November 16, 2009

Up (4 Disc Combo Pack with Digital Copy and DVD) [Blu-ray]

Up (4 Disc Combo Pack with Digital Copy and DVD) [Blu-ray] (2009)

Starring: Edward Asner, Jordan Nagai Director: Bob Peterson, Pete Docter Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested) Format: Blu-ray

List Price: $45.99
Price: $19.99 & eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime //

Okay, so, it belongs to Mike too — after all, he’s the one who bought it (thank you sweetie) —  but it’s still MINE ALL MINE.

I *LOVED* this movie when we saw it in the theaters.  I thought it was a super-sweet tale about courage, romantic devotion, and life-worth-living.  I can’t wait to watch it at home, where I’ll have a full box of Kleenex and therefore Mike and L won’t have to scavenge their pockets for popcorn napkins to stem the deluge.

Of course, I got home too late last night to watch it.  And tonight is choir rehearsal.  And tomorrow I’m going to meet a friend for dinner and then there’s Gun Nuts.  *whimper*  MINE!!!!!

UPDATE:  Jay G also got the UP DVD.  I agree with him that it’s a seriously heavy movie for little kids, especially if they haven’t been introduced to the whole “death” concept yet.


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