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A fitting Veterans’ Day tribute

Posted by Lissa on November 13, 2009

What a wonderful tribute to our vets!  This one was my favorite:

And this one just made me bloody bawl.

God bless our soldiers.


4 Responses to “A fitting Veterans’ Day tribute”

  1. Minnie said

    Okay, the puppies were cute, but now I’m a freaking mess from the other link. When my little brother came home from his first tour, my niece took off like a shot across the tarmac stopping at every plane looking for her Daddy.
    WaGessch. I need a drink already.

  2. Oh my…I’m an old salt, and that second one even made *me* get all misty-eyed….

    There’s one more real good one, in case you haven’t seen it…its really quite touching…

  3. Borepatch said

    Those are simply great. There are a whole set of dog ones, which touched me pretty deeply. The dog has all of man’s virtues with none of his vices.

    Tomorrow’s Saturday Redneck was inspired by the one with the kids, although I don’t use it. We forget the cost of freedom, which is often paid by the youngest. God bless them all, indeed.

  4. Herbie said

    Yeah, it brought a tear to my eye too.

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