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The Domestication of Lissa progresses apace

Posted by Lissa on November 2, 2009

Dinner last night:

Delicious, drool-worthy pulled pork sandwiches on Italian bread.  (We used a fancier brand of barbecue sauce than normal — Kansas City Style — and you could TASTE the difference.)

With steamed broccolini.*

For dessert:

Made-from-scratch pumpkin pie.**

With homemade whipped cream.

Holy COW I’ve come a long way from Velveeta Shells ‘n’ Cheese!

That is all.


*The real stuff, not that broccoli rabe shyte.

**No, I didn’t stew my own pumpkin, I used the canned kind.  I also didn’t grow my own cane sugar.  I still consider this made-from-scratch!


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