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Happy Caturday: Halloween Edition

Posted by Lissa on October 31, 2009




Mickey kitty

And okay, yeah, he doesn’t really fit into the costume, but the size was “Small” . . . for a DOG.  I didn’t think he was bigger than a small dog!

Mickey kitty butt

Happy Halloween, everyone!!

Mickey kitty 3

4 Responses to “Happy Caturday: Halloween Edition”

  1. Mike said

    I thought it was a “medium” for a dog, but in any case it was a bit snug on poor Rajah.

  2. TBeck said

    Remember, domesticated doesn’t mean harmless!

  3. breda said

    Awwww. Just look at that face.

    He reminds me of Ralphie in A Christmas Story, wearing the pink bunny costume.

  4. oshea12566 said

    Your cat is about to kick someone’s ass

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