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These are your eyes

Posted by Lissa on October 30, 2009

Well, not your eyes; these are MY eyes*:

My Lissa, what big eyes you have!

And these are my eyes on dilating drops:

Dilated pupil

Can you SEE how huge my pupil is?

No seriously, look:

Close-up pupil

I hate going to the eye doctor.  I come out looking like — well, I’ve no idea what my pupils would do on LSD, but popular culture leads me to believe they would look something like this.

And, of course, that made the hour-plus drive back to Lissaville an absolute joy.

*grumble, grumble, snarl*

Three things, though, made it bearable:

1) I’m not sensitive about my eyes.  The doctor can poke ’em, prod ’em, drip nasty potions into ’em, and I just sit there phlegmatically.

2) Today’s Friday, and Mike’s coming home!

and 3) it was a consultation for maybe doing Lasik.  SQUEEE!!!

*No, I haven’t had to pull out the fleece hoods yet.  I don’t look forward to it.

5 Responses to “These are your eyes”

  1. breda said

    zOMG…it’s full of stars!

  2. secretlivesofscientists said

    you haz pritty eyes!

  3. wolfwalker said

    An hour’s drive? Um, why not find a closer eye doctor?

    • Lissa said

      Wolf, ONE of their offices is five minutes from me. But I had to get tested with a special instrument, and the only one they have was at the far-out office.

  4. mike w said

    I just had a lasik consultation as well. I never knew they had different types of procedures (epi and traditional) and damn, I was shocked at how expensive it is.

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