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Weird stuff my cat eats

Posted by Lissa on October 28, 2009

In addition to the completely expected items — such as tuna, chicken, cat food, etc. — Rajah has several un-feline food-likings.  Examples being:

– Beans (baked or canned black)

– Corn (canned; Mike, did we ever try him on fresh corn?)

– Goldfish crackers (the fish shape makes it extra cute)

– Triscuit crackers (I assume just for the salt?)

And a new addition:  Canned pumpkin!


I was trying out a delicious-sounding pumpkin oatmeal recipe from Lyn, while also packing and prepping for my NYC trip.  Turned my back for FIVE SECONDS and the little bugger took full advantage.

Lid-licking kitty

Hmph.  Luckily for me, we’ve used canned pumpkin a time or two at the Lissaville (Home of the Evil Conservatives) Animal Shelter —  to tempt kitties’ appetites — so I knew it wasn’t bad for him.

Still — naughty kitty!!

UPDATE:  Mike recommends that I mention the can opener — it’s a high-faultin’ fancy kind that bends the edges of the can up, rather than cutting through them, so no sharp edges for kitty tongues!  (Or human fingers, which is the reason we bought it.)

5 Responses to “Weird stuff my cat eats”

  1. Brad K. said

    I have a varying number of barn cats. I put out a couple cups of cat feed, morning and night, and some show and others don’t. Over the years the numbers have gone up (strays and kittens), and down. Right now Spot is a regular, Grey is pretty regular, Morris and Fluffy are fairly new stray adults, but Morris shows every three days, Fluffy much less often.

    Spot is the one that comes to get me at feeding time, and didn’t claw me the last time I put him down from the top of the chicken brooder. Eight Bantam chicks, about 6 weeks, in an enclosed, table-height cage. I use the brooder to measure out the feed for the Hackney pony, Little One.

    Little One gets a modified draft horse EPSM ration – 2 cups beet pulp shreds with 2-3 oz. vegetable oil and 1/2 soup can of 12% horse feed, twice a day. I use an apple sauce snack pack plastic cup to measure the oil for the pony feed.

    Spot, the cat, adores licking the oil out of the plastic cup. When I finish feeding the pony, the chicks, and grab the cat food, walk out of the latched area to feed the barn cats – Spot looks over his shoulder at me, especially in the morning. He has been locked into the barn so often he doesn’t twitch as I close the door – sits there on the brooder, licking away. Whether I return for night feeding or two hours later for something in the barn, he darts for the door – but if I am going in, he won’t get as far as the edge of the door before turning around to go back in. I have given up trying to toss him out of the barn, or drive him out. He is easy to catch, sitting there snarfing down on soybean oil – but slippery to keep out while I close the door.

    I really don’t understand a cat preferring licking the dregs of salad oil, generic Wal-Mart brand, yet, over cat food. At night he often licks fast, and escorts me out to the feed pan and chows down there.

    I even tried the classic call, “Out, d****d Spot!” It didn’t help.

  2. Brad_in_MA said


    My wife had me get one of those new-fangles contraption can openers too . . . they work great, except when it comes to things like canned tuna? Every try to use the safety-edged lid to help drain a can of human tuna? It doesn’t work too well.

  3. Borepatch said

    When my dog Jack was a puppy, he would eat McDonald’s pickles.

  4. Mopar said

    OK, so at least our cat isnt the only one. She will eat just about anything we eat if we let her. Pasta, veggies, fruit, anything. The day we brought her home (8 weeks old), we were eating dinner, and she climbed up on Cheryl’s lap, peeked at her dinner plate, then {CHOMP}, dove face-first into the pile of mashed potatoes! Way cute! She still loves mashed potatoes the best, but canned corn is a close second. It’s also a hoot to watch her slurp up strands of spaghetti (no sauce, see below).
    Just remember, ANY onion (raw, cooked, powdered, etc) is highly toxic to cats. So is garlic, and raw tomatoes or potatoes.

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