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Double bleg

Posted by Lissa on October 21, 2009

Two pieces of advice being solicited this morning, dear readers!

First off . . .  how does one choose a holster?  I know, I know, try lots of stuff and see how it works . . . but where’s the starting point?  There are lots of things one needs to purchase before actually getting a gun (e.g. holster, bulletproof vest or big bucket of sand, cleaning kit, gun safe, etc.).  Where do I begin?  Which shops do y’all patronize?  How do I go about this business WITHOUT dropping a few hundred bucks on experimental holsters that I’ll never use?


And the second piece of advice I’d like today is:


The woman in the cube next to mine has severe sinus problems.  She continuously sniffles, snorks, and snerks.  You can HEAR the gunk in her neb move about as she snorts.  It’s absolutely disgusting.

And she does it VERY BLOODY FREQUENTLY.  I counted once — in the space of one minute, the longest she went without horking was thirteen seconds.

Mind you, there were a lot of five- and six-second intervals before we made it to that golden thirteen.

I freely admit that I have my fair share of character flaws.  It so happens that one of my flaws centers around aural cues such as sniffles — said flaw being that I cannot tune them out. No matter how hard I try to concentrate on my work, I find myself keeping half an ear out for that next, repulsive HNGKKKKKKK inhale.

It actually got bad enough that I broke all sorts of work etiquette rules and offered her a tissue.  Very politely, very sweetly, very hesitantly called her name and, when she looked up over the connecting wall, held up a box of tissues and sweetly, hesitantly asked if she needed one.

“Oh,” she said blankly.  “No,” she said flatly.

Four seconds later:  “CNHNNNKKKKK.”

I’m contemplating wearing my hair down and loose today so that I can hide earplugs.

There’s gotta be a better way.  Help me, Readers wan Kanobe — you’re my only hope!!

UPDATE:  Jay G links, and SayUncle links us both.  Thanks!  And thank you, readers, for the great suggestions in the comments!

20 Responses to “Double bleg”

  1. Tam said

    How do I go about this business WITHOUT dropping a few hundred bucks on experimental holsters that I’ll never use?

    Ooh, tough one. The holster box is almost a rite of passage, although with the advent of eBay, it’s a lot easier to recoup some of your expenditures.

    One suggestion is to make friends with somebody who has already accumulated the dreaded Box O’ Holsters, and try a few of theirs.

    Incidentally, there’s no reason not to have a couple holsters; I use an Inside The Waistband holster 99.99% of the time, but I keep a flap-type holster for if I’m out hunting or camping or whatnot, and a regular outside-the-waistband holster because… well, maybe as an emergency “fat holster”. 😮 And then I still have my Galco S.O.B. holster that I bought when I was a total n00b and still thought it was cool and now I’m too embarrassed to sell it on eBay…

    • Lissa said

      See? More things I don’t know. I should stay away from Galco’s? (And LOL on the “fat holster”! Damn, and here I thought holsters were going to be like shoes — doesn’t matter if you gain/lose five pounds . . .)

      • Tam said

        No, no, Galco is a very good holster company (and they even make nice CCW purses that aren’t totally ugly,) it’s just that the Small Of the Back holster kinds screams “teh n00b”, and can cause lumbar spine injuries, to boot, if worn improperly…

        The “fat holster” thing is because I carry inside the waistband, so there needs to be room for me and the holster in there, and sometimes I, uh, kinda crowd the holster out. Especially around the holidays.

  2. Evyl Robot said

    Holsters: Ideally, you find a good custom holster maker that you can work with locally. When you have a custom holster made, it will fit you and your gun better than an off-the-shelf. Plus, even though they are more expensive than a factory made holster, they’re a whole lot cheaper than a box full of crappy holsters! I’ve done a couple custom holster jobs for people out of state, but I really enjoy working with local customers. I’ve been able to do some nice work for people that I haven’t met, but I feel like I can more easily get them the perfect holster when I can work with them in person.

    I’ve got nothing for you on your coworker. Sorry. I would say to poison her, but that’s kind of illegal and stuff.

  3. velcro8ball said

    I’m afraid you just have to buy the crate’o holsters, especially when starting out. A good start would be a strong side outside the belt holster for the range, from that point on it’s buy, live, learn. I swear my holster folder in favorites is almost as full as my blog folder. Good Luck

    Also give a thought as to how you’re going to carry around the extra mags when going concealled.

  4. ZerCool said

    The box o’ holsters isn’t a requirement but is hard to avoid. I shopped very carefully when buying my first one (a Galco FLETCH for my 1911) and still use it for woods carry. It’s too slow for competition use, so I bought a Yaqui slide for that. Then came the wheelguns – which are thus far ONLY for woods carry – and I got a Bianchi Cyclone which I’ve been pretty happy with. Then the Bersa Thunder, which is my carry piece… I tried a Desantis tuckable IWB (Tuck This II?) which worked OK but not great, and then found JMG Holsters, which are (A) cheaper than Desantis, and (B) hand-made leather. I am VERY happy with the JMG.

    Short answer: you’re going to buy a few bad ones over time, but if you know what you really want and have an idea what kind of features you’re looking for, you’ll have fewer problems.

  5. Wally said

    First things first – had the same snortin’sniffle issue with the GF. I asked if she needed a tissue and I got the silent treatment. The complete silent treatment – no sniffles either 🙂

    Holsters – when you find a gun you like, ask around and find someone with a similar/identical gun. Odds are THEY will have a box of holsters already. Poke around their box and try the holster they went with. (I can offer up 1 sig holster and roughly 487 glock holsters, if you wanted to try them)

    OWB would be easiest to work into a wardrobe since it just hangs outside your pants – you may have to go up a belt size. Do not try OWB without a significantly stout belt, else the gun will twist, flop, and be generally awkward. Some OWBs carry the gun higher (CCW) than others (Duty). Higher makes it easy to conceal with a cover garment. Personally, I prefer IWB because it keeps the gun very tight to the body with no wiggle room. And it also conceals the bottom half of the gun & holster directly. It is a bit of a wardrobe challenge though- most folks recommend adding two inches to your waist size to accommodate.

    Check out Lima’s page on IWB carry options. http://web.mac.com/mj_lauer/iWeb/RangeDiary/Carry%20Options.html

    Nothing wrong with Galco – I have two and they are the only ones used for CCW. Avoid anything overly generic, anything that looks like a bland nylon bag, and under $30 (such as “Uncle Mike’s Large Pistol size B”). My personal preferences are Galco USA & UDC for CCW (IWB, tucked) and Strong brand nylon over kydex & Galco minimalist kydex for when I am not worried about concealment.

  6. Jeff said

    A bunch of people said I’d end up with a box-o-holsters, but I haven’t yet. I did my research and bought once. I’m a huge fan of Comp-Tac. I use their straight drop Kydex OWB for IDPA/USPSA, and an MTAC for carry. Your best bet is to do a lot of reading online and then try some out. The most important piece of advice is you pretty much have to mail order to get a proper holster. I’ve never seen anything I’d actually use in a gun shop other than the uncle mike’s pocket holster I picked up for my j-frame. Any belt holster that fits multiple types of gun is junk.

  7. Jay G. said


    Several points on holsters:

    1. Don’t skimp. I don’t even want to think about how many $20 holsters I have kicking around.

    2. This is for the P239, right? That’s a pretty common gun, so there should be plenty of options.

    3. Trying out a bunch of holsters is a rite of passage, but this is also the age of the internets. You should be able to make a much more informed decision today.

    4. If you want a comfortable holster that will retain your gun well and carry comfortably all day, ask a cop.

    5. Jeff speaks the truth. Any holster that fits more than one gun will not work. Period.

    6. Feel free to give a holler if there’s anything you’d like to try that I might have!

  8. Art said

    I’ve just traded some guns around, so I’m holster shopping again as well. One of the best holsters I have was made by David Bullard at DM Bullard Leather, and his prices are very reasonable. You might want to check out his web site @ http://www.dmbullardleather.com/1429711.html.

  9. Brad K. said

    1) gift the coworker with a bottle of Saline Nasal Mist, with a note – Twice in each side, once an hour, and blow. Brad says his doctor claimed it would help allergies, and clear up to a sinus infection.

    2) Advise the coworker her sinus infection is noisy, and distracting. Point out that if she were retching and vomiting she would be expected to take the routine to the bathroom. Nuff said.

    3) If, after 1) and 2) above, the snorting and stuff continues, tell your supervisor you are concerned that she has gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) because that is the single most common cause of chronic sinusitis, or that she is snorting some kind of substance, or maybe is coming down with Swine Flu, but the noise is affecting your work. Ask that the situation be addressed, or whether you could be assigned a new place to work for the duration.

    Facility changes tend to annoy organizations, but the distractions are creating a hostile work environment. Don’t make demands or threats – no sense losing your job. But point out that your work is suffering from the gross defect in personal hygiene next to you.

  10. […] asks about choosing a holster. Jay answers. One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t have just one carry rig. I have […]

  11. RAH said

    There are several choices for a females. On the Body or in a purse or belt pouch.
    The on the body choices are waistband inside or outside or shoulder. Waistband choices can be uncomfortable.

    If you live in OH than you can carry OC or CC.

    I agree that you really should be able to try on several types to choose. It is a shame the gun shows do not have more vendors with holsters that people can try on.

    • Jeff said

      I strongly recommend against off-body carry. If it’s the only thing that works for you, it *might* be better than nothing, but that’s about the best I can say about it. In the force-on-force that I’ve done, accessing a strong-side belt holster is hard enough. If the bad guy is within arms reach, you’re not going to be able to access your gun from a bag or briefcase, especially if it’s in a compartment with other things. Also, what is a typical street criminal trying to get from you? Your purse. If that’s where your gun is, you’re doubly screwed.

  12. NMM1AFan said

    Hi, I followed Jay G.’s link. Just a thought on the holster thing:

    If you’re short like I am, most concealed carry holsters hold the pistol too high up for comfort. Almost have to pull your hand up to your armpit to draw.


  13. Bob S. said


    I’ve just gone through and I’m going through the same process for holster.

    How to choose?

    First, decide your primary method based on how you are going to dress.
    If you have to wear belt-less skirts, both Inside (IWB) and Outside (OWB) waist band holsters are out. If you wear shirts tucked in and tight, that limits you.
    Look at your wardrobe and how you choose to dress. My job requires business casual with tucked in shirts being predominate in my closet.

    Second, research on line to see what holsters fit your firearm. Many sites have a wizard to pick by firearm…that limits to what will work. You can start looking for features you like or don’t like.

    Third, find a store to visit that actually has those holsters if possible (or a friend if possible). Try some of them out. I found that many changes were required before I could carry IWB. I needed a new belt (spend money on this, it makes a difference–I’ve learned the hard way). I needed pants that expanded or were larger. I changed how I was wearing my shirts, etc. What I found most useful was having someone look to see if the set up was working or not to conceal. Some holsters just don’t work on every body type.

    Lastly, think about the holster and how it will affect normal activities. Will you have to change how you bend over to pick up stuff (yes), will you have to stop reaching up for stuff on higher shelves (depends). Try sitting down, standing up, pretend you are using the facilities….does it make life nearly impossible or just cumbersome.

    Hope this helps

  14. DirtCrashr said

    Late to the holster-party but as I understand shoulder carry, the problem is it’s hard not to sweep parts of yourself and everybody else during the draw.

  15. pax said


    Sorry for coming late to the party (got here from SayUncle’s), and even sorrier for a post that probably looks like spam or at least self-serving. But — well, drop by my Cornered Cat website & look at the articles in the holsters section. Start with “How Do I Hide This Thing?” and “Straight Talk About Curves.” That’ll give you the basic crash course in the options you’ll be looking at and the nomenclature you’ll need in order to shop effectively.

    Hope it helps.

    • Lissa said

      Pax — I’ve been all over your site like white on rice 🙂 We found the section on racking slides particularly genius — “Push with the strong hand, instead of pulling with the weak hand. Why didn’t we think of that???”

  16. Hey Lissa…

    I’ve been working on an innovative holster design. Trying to secure a patent. I would love to work with you as a test, so to speak…I’ll make you a holster free of charge, and you provide feedback on what to do to improve it?

    Anyways…you have my e-mail in your user registration on your site. Drop me an off-blog email if you’re interested. 🙂


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