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Range report: Shootout at the Jay G Corral

Posted by Lissa on October 19, 2009

We *finally* made it work!!!  Mr. Jay G kindly made some time for us Saturday afternoon, and we trekked up to Jayville for some shooty fun and shameless razzing back and forth elegant and erudite conversation.

The Three . . .  Amigos?  Musketeers?  Stooges?

We started off small, using the Smith & Wesson 422 .22LR.  After I’ve had more practice with bigger calibers, .22LR feels a little odd; it feels almost like a pop gun, instead of a *real* gun.  We moved on to the Sig 226 in 9 mm and I felt more at home.  It had a lovely-smooth action with very gentle recoil.

First target after .22LR and 9 mm

Jay - UL; Me - LL; Mike - LR

Moving on, we tried the Sig 232 in .380 ACP.  It was rougher on my hands than the Sig 226, but it was still smooth, with nice accurate sights.

And then we tried the Snubbie.  No, not the Snubbie From Hell — I *like* my husband, and I have a healthy sense of self-preservation.

Holy cow I disliked this gun.

This picture is after we’d run through the .380 and the Snubbie.  Note the two big, blank, black, mocking targets.  That’s right — both Mike and I failed to put a single freakin’ round into the target.

Jay - UL and ML, Me - LL and UR; Mike - MR and LR

Jay - UL and ML, Me - LL and UR; Mike - MR and LR

But, you know, I’m very glad we tried it.  Because now we know — I do not want a snubbie revolver as my carry gun!!!!

At Mike’s request, Jay also brought along a beautiful Colt Gold Cup 1911 in .45.  (Is there any other kind?)  I was a little wary of shooting .45 — my hands are not that big, you know — but actually it was quite friendly!  The sights were perfect and the recoil wasn’t bad at all.  It *was* very heavy — I wouldn’t want to hold it steady for a long period of time — but I ventilated my target, y’all.

Fixed the blank holes!  Mine is middle-right, Mike's is upper-right.

Fixed the blank targets! Mine is middle-right, Mike's is upper-right.

Done with pistol shooting, we set up some reactive targets for rifle shooting.

Lissa and the pump-action .22LR rifle

And . . . I was hard-put to hit a single damn one.

But here’s the kicker — we did a bit of pistol work to clean out the loaded magazines, and I started hitting the clays with Jay’s Smith & Wesson 39-2 in 9 mm.  Yes, that’s right — I did better with a pistol at that range than I did with a rifle.  What the hell?!? That can’t be right!!  (Jay thinks it’s ’cause I’m just more used to pistols . . . definitely possible.)

Click to embiggen!

Click to embiggen!

Can I just mention my lack of surprise that Mike and Jay geeked out together?  Calibers, chemicals, you name it, they dissected it. Oh yes, I was mightily entertained, I was!

Jay G, and Mike with the .22LR

In conclusion — a lovely time was had by all, Mike finally got to light off a rifle, I discovered how much I hate snubbies, and I discovered a surprising liking for the Colt 1911 .45.


(posted with no proofing ’cause I gotta go jump in the shower — I reserve the right to edit later!)


13 Responses to “Range report: Shootout at the Jay G Corral”

  1. Jay G. said

    You are entirely more than welcome. You and Mike are welcome back at any time.

    I gots lots more guns to shoot, yo… 🙂

  2. jimbob86 said

    1911….. what’s not to love?

  3. Breda said

    Great range report & thank you so much for the photos. Two of my favorite bloggers, in one place, delightful.

    And as far as the snubby goes – I qualified for my CCW with a snub-nosed .38. Took me a LOT of practice and a lot of frustration to get to the point where I was sure I’d be able to pass. And think of it! THIS is the type of pistol that gun shop doofuses always try to sell women for self defense. I don’t get it.

  4. ZerCool said

    Hm, didn’t you try my 1911 at the Bloggershoot? Admittedly, it’s nowhere near as fancy as a Gold Cup … but it IS a 1911! 🙂

    Looks like a good time. I’m jealous.

  5. totwtytr said

    If you liked the S&W Mdl 39, you should try my S&W 3914. It’s the newer version, and is light and compact enough to make a very nice carry gun. Which is why I bought it. It’s made using a light weight alloy, which makes it lighter to carry, but still nice to shoot.

    Next time we have a blogger shoot scheduled remind me and I’ll bring it for you to try.

    S&W marketed the very close 3913 as part of the “Lady Smith” line a few years ago. You can find them used fairly inexpensively.

  6. GR said

    1911s — “The first one’s free”… 🙂

  7. Borepatch said

    Ah, the 1911. It’s surprisingly nice, the first time you shoot it. Then it’s just nice. 😉

  8. TBeck said

    Breda’s right. A snubnose revolver is a specialized tool, even more so than most handguns. Way back when I sold guns as a PT hobby I got paid for, I tended to point new shooters toward something like a Glock 19, which was nearly as simple to use and much more user-tolerant.

  9. willorith said

    Good Woman:

    Talk with Breda about the Appleseed Project. In just one week end, Appleseed will teach you more about the correct method of shooting a rifle than you could learn in a lifetime without Appleseed. It will also teach you some of the history of our nation and the sacrifices made on our behalf by our forefathers. Women folk shoot for free. Events are held across the country. Go to RWVA.org to learn more

  10. Brad_in_MA said


    I’ve shot Jay’s gold cup — it’s a real pleasure as you report. But the real treat is shooting Jay’s original (made in 1917, belonged to his grandfather) Colt 1911 as John Moses Browning (PBUH) had intended. Shooting the original colt is reaching back 90 years in history. In 1924 colt released the 1911a1, made it a bit more soldier-friendly.

    — Brad

  11. Ross said

    Let me echo Willorith’s advice (and tweak ZerCool’s nose for NOT mentioning it – Shame on you!) to get thee to an Appleseed Shoot. We WILL teach you to shoot that rifle better!

    And gee… what a coincidence! There’s one coming up in less than three weeks at Harvard Sportsman’s Association in Harvard, MA! http://www.appleseedinfo.org to sign up. Ladies shoot for free, I might add…

  12. […] how I shot the J-frame revolver a couple months ago (the two squares in the upper right were Lissa’s and mine with that […]

  13. […] 1) .40 ammo is a BITCH.  I *REALLY* dislike it.  We were shooting some sort of aluminum-jacketed super-fast rounds (Mike?  Help please!) and I made it through exactly one magazine.  I was literally jarred backwards with every shot, clenching my teeth to keep from biting my tongue.  Boo!  I *MUCH* prefer my one experience shooting .45, with Jay G. […]

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