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Gunnie dreams

Posted by Lissa on October 16, 2009

According to Kathy Jackson at The Cornered Cat:

A new shooter often found herself fighting off recurring nightmares and vivid dreams about guns and self-defense. Night after night, she battled shadowy bad guys, reaching for her gun only to find it missing. Or she drew the gun, and it would not fire no matter how hard she pulled the trigger. A masked intruder entered her dreams, and she stood frozen, unable to lift the gun to fire at him even as he reached for one of her children.

I think I had my first gunnie dream last night.

I dreamed that my sister and I were walking home from a party late one night.  (I know, tactical mistake number one.)  We were wide-awake and alert, so when a completely-sloshed-out-of-his-mind guy approached and drunkenly demanded that we give him liquor, my sister handed him her leftover drink without missing a step and we sped up.  (Full disclosure — this is a DREAM.  I have no idea why Jenny was walking around with half a drink, but in real life, if a belligerent drunk approached her baby sister … well, I seriously doubt she’d just give him what he wanted!)

The drunk smashed the drink to the ground and began screaming abuse at us; we began to run.  He chased us, staggering, his pace slowed by occasional bounces off trees as we surged ahead.

We made it to the apartment of my sister’s friend (a waitress).  The friend listened to our panicked story for a few seconds and then handed me . . . an empty holster.

It gets better, though!  I snapped at the waitress and she quickly brought me an old beat-up Sig.  (No, I don’t know what model.  Too big for a P239 though!)  I slapped the magazine in, smoothly racked the slide and spun to the doorway.  Half-in, half-out of the apartment, I pressed myself against the doorsill and raised my shooting hand just in time to have the sights centered on Drunken Goblin as he came around the hallway corner.

I very clearly remember that I had my index finger straight against the slide, safely outside the trigger guard.  Four Rules, even in my SLEEP, baby!

The instant Drunken Goblin came around the corner and saw the Sig pointed at his head he skidded to a halt, did a 180° and ran.

Happy ending.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out.  In fact, it’s almost trite.  It was no accident that I was with my sister in this dream, since her approval matters A LOT to me.  No accident either that I didn’t actually have to shoot Drunken Goblin.  Oh, no, I simply scared the bad guy off and we all lived happily ever after.

Still, better that dream than the type Kathy described.

Now all I have to do is figure out who on earth that waitress was . . .

UPDATE:  Breda links, and makes me blush.  Why thanks!!

UPDATE:  Tam links.  Thanks!


6 Responses to “Gunnie dreams”

  1. alan said

    I used to have those dreams. They go away after you shoot enough.

  2. My dreams have changed from when I was shooting but didn’t own guns, to owning guns, but not licensed to carry, to when I first started carrying, to now that the gun is as part of my wardrobe as my shoes.

    I’ve had every number of nightmares such as being stuck in a deadly force scenario with no gun, but great wish for one, to having a gun that just wont fire, or will fire but won’t connect, to a gun that disassembles to bits in my hands.

    As Alan said, they get better the more you shoot. Now I can’t recall a dream where I wasn’t wearing a gun (even if there was no need to shoot anything) but no matter what, if I have to shoot in the dream the bullets never have the desired effect.

    I guess that’s because I’ve never shot anybody. I guess I can live with that.

  3. Mike said

    Maybe your dream was telling you that you wanted a bigger gun!

  4. Borepatch said

    Four Rules, even in my SLEEP, baby!


  5. TBeck said

    The most important weapon in the armed citizen’s arsenal is situational awareness. That you are apparently processing this on the subconscious level is a good sign. There’s nothing wrong with scoping out exits and not sitting with your back to the door/cash register when you visit a restaurant. Game it out in your head. What is cover and what is merely concealment? Where do I stuff the kids if something happens? How do I respond to a robbery attempt? Think about these things ahead of time and you are much less likely to panic if your karma comes up snake-eyes.

  6. Glenn B said

    I think that drunken goblin ran over into my dream last night. I just cannot stand goblins in my dreams but scaring them away just dooesn’t work for me. I shot him.

    All the best,

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