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A preview

Posted by Lissa on October 15, 2009

2006 12 27 Rajah 010

plus . . .

Mickey Mouse costume

Some assembly required!!

(Find last year’s preview here and the result here.  Is it a step up, or down, going from being a chicken to being a mouse?)


6 Responses to “A preview”

  1. Brad K. said

    Such trust. Such belief and adoration. With such a testing of the soul awaiting.

    Poor kitty. lol!

  2. Jennifer said

    Jeff and I think Elvis should dress-up like his namesake for Halloween:

  3. Borepatch said

    Caption contest!

    “You promized cheezburger!”

  4. Breda said

    I’m already laughing!

  5. totwtytr said

    Remember, when he pees on your sofa, you have no one but yourself to blame.

  6. mike w. said

    Ha, he looks like a very pissed off kitty with the costume on! That’s just mean.

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