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I have climbed the mountain, and it was good

Posted by Lissa on October 5, 2009

By “the mountain,” I mean Expedition Everest, of course!

"telescope" view of "Everest"

Mike and I had a fabulous time at Disney!  We flew in Thursday morning and hit Magic Kingdom in the afternoon.  We posed in front of Cinderella’s castle, rode the Carousel and made ourselves sick-dizzy in the spinning teacups:

Spinning teacups!

Seriously, we were staggering like sots by the time we got off!

Due to the wretched economy and it being the off-season (i.e., no school holiday), the lines were CRAZY short.  It was rare that we had to wait more than ten minutes for ANYTHING.  The longest part of the line was usually walking up to the kick-off point, not standing around.  We amused ourselves in the Haunted Mansion and did Splash Mountain twice:

We also had a weird encounter with some Michael Jackson Mickey Mouse’s (Mickey Mice?):

Oddly pale Mickeys

Weird-looking, right? Apparently they’re made of recycled materials or something.

I know, I know, this is The Most Boring Post Ever.  Shut up.  I’ll try and make tomorrow’s more interesting; but in the meantime; here’s a treat for your Monday morning:

2 Responses to “I have climbed the mountain, and it was good”

  1. Mike said

    I was hoping one of their patriotic songs would be the theme from Team America (or at least the “Freedom isn’t Free” song), so I was a little disappointed. They were a great act, though!

  2. Everest is AWESOME! I first went to animal kingdom when it first opened and It SUCKED, very few rides, shitty lines, generally a scattered nature.

    Now that it’s had a few years to fill out It’s very nice!

    BTW in Epcot, Check out Mission: SPACE, and be tough and go Orange, it’ll ring yer bell!

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