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For clarification

Posted by Lissa on September 29, 2009

While this post was factually accurate, it’s misleading.

I wrote, “H/t of my sister, who I am desperately trying to convince that gun-owners are largely responsible, careful people.”  That is true — I have been desperately trying to convince her of that.

But the thing is — she doesn’t need to be convinced.  As she commented, “I have never stated that I think gun owners are largely irresponsible. Therefore, you have never had to try and convince me that they’re largely responsible. I have been QUITE clear that I am not against gun ownership and there is no possible way that you could have misinterpreted my position.”

I know Jenny’s not thrilled about my foray into the gun world; she’s told me so.  Ironically, this led to me frantically trying to convince her of something that she already knows — that guns are safe when in the hands of safety-conscious people — and I think I came off as rather a fanatic.  Serious backfire, there 🙂

So, to clarify — my sister does NOT think that all gun-owners are mouth-breathing hillbillies, and it wasn’t fair to imply that she did.  When she expressed her not-thrilled-ness with my gun stuff, she also stated right off the bat that she had complete faith in my ability to be safe, and that she had no doubt I would be the most responsible gun owner/user ever.  My apologies for the error.  Mea culpa!

4 Responses to “For clarification”

  1. […] For clarification […]

  2. Breda said

    take her to the range!

    Do it! Doooooooooo it!

  3. Borepatch said

    Um, some of us mouth-breathing hillbillys are nice anyway!

  4. “Um, some of us mouth-breathing hillbillys are nice anyway!”

    Heh, Beat me to it!!!

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