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Posted by Lissa on September 23, 2009

It so happens that there’s a range about twenty minutes away from Mike’s Bambi-watching apartment.  A range that rents guns for five dollars (though as usual you have to buy their ammo).  A range that doesn’t require you to have a state-certified safety course before you’re allowed to shoot.

In other news — we’ve all noticed the rampant murder sprees around gun ranges in New Hampshire as well as North Carolina, haven’t we?  After all, any place without the necessary and rigorous safety laws of MA must be running wild, right?


P.S.  On a this-is-interesting note .  . . apparently Manchester Firing Line *does* ask to see an LTC/CCW or safety course certificate if you’re by yourself. According to my father they’ve had two suicides over the years.  I guess most people don’t bring a friend to a suicide?  And if you can show a safety certificate it proves you’ve handled guns and not offed yourself in the past.

Please note — this is a choice by the owner of a business, not a NH law.  Always worthwhile to point out the difference.

P.P.S. OH FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD.  *grasps bridge of nose in migraine salute*  Hat-tip to Mike, who thinks the last line of the article is the money shot.

P.P.P.S.  The range near Mike does have M&P’s to rent, but I want to try it too!  Jay, I don’t know when Mike is next coming back to MA, but I’ll buzz you when I do 😉  Maybe Borepatch could come along?

15 Responses to “Jealousy”

  1. Jeff said

    I have an M&P 9mm compact that you’re welcome to try anytime.

  2. Brad K. said

    Lissa, I don’t know how many “Oh! Wow!” moments a story should have.

    I have never been to a civilian firing range (I stood on the fantail of the USS South Carolina one afternoon at sea for familiarization firing. I was given a magazine, a 1911, and told to aim at the water. I am pretty sure I hit water most every time. I know for dead certain sure I never pointed the gun at anyone, before or after I loaded the magazine, before or after I shot the gun dry, before or after I removed the magazine and verified the gun was empty. The Master At Arms Chief would have yelled at me. MAA Chiefs are like that.).

    I thought one shouldn’t play with the gun.
    I thought one shouldn’t aim it where you did *not* want to blast damaging holes when loaded or empty.
    I thought one should always handle the weapon as if loaded.
    I thought one would keep their mind focused on the task at hand – if you are going to train your girlfriend, keep the topic to training and safety.
    I thought alcohol was a very poor companion for improving safety awareness, accuracy, or general weapons handling safety.

    Actually, I think the guy should be nominated for the Darwin award. I mean, it isn’t the planned matings that improve the heard, it is culling the undesirables so they don’t taint the next generation. Unfortunately, at 40, the guy, Looney – Ha! got that name right! – had probably done all his spawning.

    I did find the article disappointing. I wonder if the girlfriend rounded up someone else to take her to the firing range the next day, since Looney was busy – being embalmed!

  3. You’ll probably find the M&P unpleasantly snappy compared to the 239.

    • Mike said

      I did indeed! Granted, I’m not the most accurate target shooter, but I had trouble with the M&P9. I spread it all over the paper at 25 feet because, even after 50 rounds, I just couldn’t figure it out. I’m sure I’d improve with practice, but the Sig 226 (also 9mm) I shot next felt much, much better and I was more accurate and consistent with it.

  4. Jeff said

    The M&P compact is only 3 ounces lighter than the 239, and some say that polymer frames absorb a bit of recoil energy. I think the comparison in felt recoil is entirely dependent on which gun fits your hand better. The multiple backstraps of the M&P make it more likely a given shooter can get a good fit. I find the M&P less snappy than the 239, but it’s been a while since I’ve fired a 239, so it may just be that I’m a better shooter than I used to be.

    I think the answer that everyone can agree on is that Lissa should try everything she can get her hands on and then decide. It’s nice when the most effective course is also the most fun. 🙂

    Lissa, have you been shooting the first shot double action on the 239?

  5. The fact that it the M&P is lighter is one of the reasons that makes it more snappier. The metal frame of the P239 absorbs more recoil.

  6. Jay G. said

    You got it, Lissa…

    If I can scare one up, I’ll have an M&P. Otherwise, I have the precursor to the M&P – the SW99 – in both compact (9mm) and fullsize (.40S&W) variants.

    Add in the Colt 1911, the Sig P226, and a .22 or two, and I’d say we have a range day…

    • Mike said

      I don’t know when I’ll next be up there with time to spare (I’ll be there a couple weekends in October though), but that sounds like fun. I rented a Taurus PT1911 here and had a blast (it’s okay to groan at that one) with it. I was surprised how easy to control it was–the size helps with stability I guess–and I really enjoyed the big bang and the giant holes it put in my target. I think I’ve fallen in love with the .45.

      I want to try some of the non-1911 versions like the Sig 220 too (perhaps Manchester rents them), but I think my first gun will be a .45.

  7. Jeff said

    Which M&P are you getting Jay? Make sure to budget for a trigger job, as the MA legal models have dreadful triggers thanks to the AG regs *hackspit*.

    • Jay G. said


      Not getting an M&P, just might be able to borrow one if I ask real nice…

      Don’t see a need for an M&P, actually. My G30 covers all of my semi-auto carry gun needs, and I don’t see me buying an M&P as a target gun, so…

      That’s not saying I wouldn’t scarf one up for the right price for an entry-level IDPA gun… 😉

      • Jeff said

        M&P would be a great IDPA gun. In fact, I’ve got one on the way. I was lucky enough to win a certificate from Smith for working the New England Regional IDPA Championship. (Of course $300 off a gun for 4 days of work isn’t the best deal.)

        I’ve got a set of IDPA gear for the Hi-power if you want to borrow it to give it a try. I shoot most of the matches at Harvard and Worcester.

  8. totwtytr said

    “Authorities said alcohol was a factor.”

    Why am I not surprised?

  9. Borepatch said

    You even need to ask? Heck I’ll go shooting in Carolina with all y’all … 😉

  10. TheGunGeek said

    I realize this is an old post…

    From what I understand, many ranges that rent guns will only rent you one if you bring one in with you. You don’t have to shoot your own gun, but knowing that you have one is enough to presume that you’re not going to off yourself with theirs.

    This works great for places that don’t require any kind of gun ownership permission slip from the gov.

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