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Four Rules, you idiot!! FOUR RULES!!!!

Posted by Lissa on September 21, 2009

H/t of my sister, who I am desperately trying to convince that gun-owners are largely responsible, careful people.  Please y’all, do me a favor and chime in with comments on what a stupid d*ckh*le this guy is?!?

UPDATE:  For clarification — I was trying to convince her of something she already knows.  It wasn’t fair to convey the impression that Jenny thinks gun owners are idiots or irresponsible, since she’s never stated anything to that effect.  See the post here.

8 Responses to “Four Rules, you idiot!! FOUR RULES!!!!”

  1. Jay G. said

    Lissa, I’ll break it to you gently. This video has been out for a long time – since 2004. It’s pretty much become the poster child against the “Only the cops should have guns” mantra of the grabbers.

    The guy’s a dope in the first place for using a LOADED gun in a presentation to kids. Getting “Glock Leg” on top of it just layers on the stupid…

  2. alan said

    He’s also the origin of the “Only Ones” meme. “I’m the only one in this room special enough…”

  3. Minnie said

    Umbelievable amounts of stupidty!

    I can’t even begin to get my mind around this.

  4. MeatAxe said

    The variations on “Only Ones” are hysterical, and the original never gets old.

  5. secretlivesofscientists said

    Lissa, have you seen the “Cautionary tales of swords” series? I think you’d like it:

    Personally, I think you’ll like episode 2 😉

  6. Yeah…an oldie but goodie.

    Makes you wonder if the *we’re the only ones trained enough* LEO’s should just stay at home and let the grown ups handle the streets for them…

  7. Jen said

    I have never stated that I think gun owners are largely irresponsible. Therefore, you have never had to try and convince me that they’re largely responsible. I have been QUITE clear that I am not against gun ownership and there is no possible way that you could have misinterpreted my position.

    If you’re going to reference our family in your blog please do it honestly. You’re not fighting an uphill battle against some wacko liberals – contrary to how you portray us.

    Your sister Jen.

  8. […] Because A SECURITY GUARD . . . is the ONLY ONE . . . PROFESSIONAL ENOUGH . . . […]

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