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Shocking news: Kanye West is a tool

Posted by Lissa on September 14, 2009

I guess Kanye West doesn’t care about . . . talented female singers.

Anyone want to compare the level of Hollywood outrage over this story versus this outburst?  (It’s at 1:30, if you want to skip some of the rambling.  Poor Mike Myers.)

Yeah, didn’t think so.  I’ll shoot you a palate cleanser instead:

(h/t Hot Air Headlines)


3 Responses to “Shocking news: Kanye West is a tool”

  1. Borepatch said

    Country music has quite a crop of telented young female singer/songwriters. I’d also add Kellie Pickler, Miranda Lambert, and Danielle Peck – all of whom have been seen in Saturday Redneck over Chez Borepatch.

  2. Jay G. said

    Or maybe Kanye West just hates white people…

  3. Minnie said

    Couldn’t think of a finer title for this post. Unreal.

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