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In other news, Michael Jackson is still dead.

Posted by Lissa on September 12, 2009

MIKE:  “So the morning show people in Charlotte were talking about how Mary J. Blige was originally scheduled to perform at Michael Jackson’s memorial-thing in Vienna, but then she said no because she was going to be in Italy.  And they were like, ‘Why wouldn’t she go?  She’s going to be in the SAME COUNTRY!’ and Lissa, no one said anything.

LISSA:  “So Vienna is in Italy.  Right-o.”

MIKE:  “Maybe they were thinking of Venice?”

LISSA:  “Maybe.  Why would they decide to do a big Michael Jackson thing in Vienna?”  Pause.  “And if you say because Vienna is home to other great musicians just like Michael Jackson I will throw this ice cream at you.”

MIKE:  “Maybe . . . it’s because of the Vienna Boys’ Choir?”

Yes indeedy, if you were wondering, we’re going to hell together!

UPDATE:  TOTWTYTR linked.  Thanks!


5 Responses to “In other news, Michael Jackson is still dead.”

  1. Minnie said

    Seriously, coffee just came out of my nose. Can you and your hubby come over for cocktails? I love you guys.

  2. totwtytr said

    Fortunately, I had nothing in my mouth when I read this. That is pure snark, right there.

  3. If I HAD had something in my mouth, it would have gone on my keyboard or through my nose!

  4. OrangeNeckInNY said

    Vienna’s in Italy?? Unless Italy absorbed Austria as a territory, that’s a new one on me.

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