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Wedding weekend

Posted by Lissa on September 9, 2009

Good morning all!  As you know, I was down in Washington D.C. for a wedding.  It was lovely to see Mike, and lovely to be back in DC; I lived in Rockville, MD for a number of years, and I lived in DC the summer between junior and senior year at Ye Olde Liberal Arts College.  The groom was a friend of Mike’s, a super-nice guy, and his bride was beautiful.  The weekend went pretty smoothly, with just two exceptions . . .

1) The dress my sister loaned me had a bodice of alternating fabric and tulle stripes.  Not risque, really, I just had to make sure to bring a flesh-colored bra.  So, of course, I forgot to bring the stupid bra.  Grrrr.

We checked Google Maps, and there was nary a TJ Maxx or Marshall’s around — this was Georgetown, after all.  Luckily, there was a French lingerie store right down the block, and a Macy’s 1.7 miles away if I couldn’t find anything at the store next door.

The proprietor of the store was a very nice, very friendly lady.  I walked quickly through the shop looking for the plainest bra I could find and then, trying to be subtle, asked if all the underwear were the same price.

“Oh no!” she trilled.  “That one you have is $150; those over there are $250, and that one is $399.”


“Thank you ma’am but I just don’t think this is what I’m looking for, I’m sorry to waste your time,” I said, and headed for the door like my ass was on fire.

Macy’s it was!  *shrug*  It was a nice day, we were wearing comfy shoes, and hey look, it’s me in front of the White House!

White House

2) The wedding ceremony was a full Catholic mass.  Of all the weddings I’ve been to, I think perhaps half have been full Catholic masses; I’m used to it by now.  I say the responses when I know them, I sing along when I know the lyrics, and I let the rest wash over me and enjoy the prettiness.

This ceremony was, however, a little . . . weird. Well, not the ceremony as a whole, just the homily.  Excerpted and paraphrased, it went something like this:

“When I was looking at Harvard admission letters back in the ’80s, there were three themes:  power, money, and status. That’s what people were after in the 80s.  And look where it got us!  The economy is in meltdown, we’re stuck in another war, we’re in another Vietnam, it’s just a disaster.  You know, I knew Bernie Madoff in the 80s, and look where he is today.  There was too much greed!  And too much lust! . . .

“Now, [bride] and [groom] over there, when I asked what was important to them, they didn’t say money or power. They said, “Family,” and they said, “Friends.”  That’s what they said was important to them . . . But we all know how life gets in the way, and gets in the way of your best intentions!  So I put it on YOU, on ALL of you, to remind them when things get busy!  If you haven’t heard from them in a while, you call them up and remind them what’s important, remind them of their duties to family and friends!”

It was the weirdest sermon/homily I’d ever heard.  Mike had to start poking me because I kept looking over at him, goggle-eyed, mouthing What the hell, dude???  WHAT??? His friend kicked my chair when the word “Vietnam” made my head snap back and my mouth fall open.

A lot of people feel that way.  I know that, I get that, I understand that.


And then he pretty much congratulated them for their good intentions and then said he didn’t think they’d live up to them.  Dude, what?

*shaking head*  Life is confusing sometimes.

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