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Posted by Lissa on September 2, 2009

My sister came over last night with a double-handful of dresses and about six pairs of shoes and a purse.  She has since decided that she should quit her job and become some celebrity’s personal shopper — the woman PWNS eBay, b*tches.

I tried on quite a few of them, but settled on the first one I grabbed:


It narrows perfectly at my waist and ends above my knee and I feel quite, quite fabulous while wearing it.  She also brought over a sparkly black-and-gold purse; strappy black high heels complete the look.  THANKS, Jenny!  I promise not to spill wine on it.  Well, I promise to try really really hard not to spill wine on it.

Of course, it was amazing that I could fit into any of the satiny confections after our dinner — chicken and pasta and Julienne’d onion and cucumber with  tzatziki dressing.  (Dressing.  Get it??  Good lord I need more coffee, I’m actually amused by the pun.  Oy.)  The dressing is made of Greek yogurt (fat-free!) and mayonnaise (light!), so it definitely carried the official Mike Does Not Like stamp.  You also throw in lemon juice, salt, pepper, and freshly pressed garlic — that part surprised me.  I’m not used to dealing with raw garlic; it smells and tastes all wrong.  Happily, when you mix it with all the other stuff it just tastes sort of tangy and zing!-y.

Chicken tzatziki pasta

Thank god Jenny helped me eat it, ’cause I’ve got about four servings left in the fridge.  Who wants to come over and have dinner with me??

One Response to “Dressing”

  1. wrm said

    That dress is gorgeous.

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