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Your daily funny

Posted by Lissa on August 28, 2009

“This is like lighter fluid,” Sandy explained as he went back for another sip. Mad Dog’s not really hard per se, but it is almost cloyingly sweet, and it punches you right in the face. The grainy texture of the hooch is jarring with the completely ass-backward flavor pairing of kiwis and lemons. After debating over what could possibly be a worse flavor combination, we agree on loganberries and dog Shakespeare.

These brave taste-testers went looking for the best cheap beer, malt liquor and wine.  Put down your drink before you click over.  And for god’s sake, I hope you’re not drinking what they’re drinking.


One Response to “Your daily funny”

  1. Heh, back in my college days I was known to be a wino!

    Have tried them all…MD 20/20 is the only one I might ever try again. But hey it was cheap and it kept me from remaining sober!

    Who’s to complain….OK I did the next morning with the HORRIBLE hangovers they’d grant!

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