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Posted by Lissa on August 24, 2009

Why do I have the urge to take pictures of the food I eat?  It’s not like the edibles need to be preserved for posterity.  Y’all don’t really care what goes down my gullet.  And food pix aren’t as cute as kitty pix.  So why do it?

Simple.  I love food and I love when it’s nicely prepared and I love pretty presentation.  Yeah, we watch a fair amount of the Food Channel (food pr0n!) in the Kitty Den.

So if you’re looking for insightful political commentary, well, you’re not gonna find it here today.  (Or perhaps ever.)  If you’d like to see random pictures of delicious food — scroll down!

1) Lunch at Vinalia Wine Bar, Boston:  They do a great weekday lunch special where you get half a sandwich, a cup of soup and a side of fries in ten minutes for $7.  (The $7 was accurate; they ran a bit over on the ten minutes.)  In my case, it was a blackened chicken wrap with lettuce, avocado and bleu cheese dressing, along with a cup of tomato-basil soup.  YUM!

Vinalia lunch special

(Oh, and a pickle.  But I never eat the pickle.  If you come to lunch with me you’re always welcome to eat my pickle and also to have any lemon that comes with my water.  Although why you’d want to contaminate perfectly good water with ucky lemon is beyond me.)

Mike splurged on the cod and ratatouille, topped with fried onion strings.  I have a feeling that ratatouille is not supposed to be as delicious as this was.  I have another feeling that it was due to the copious amounts of melted butter.

Cod and ratatouille

Random Foodblogging #2) Birthday dinner at Brasserie Jo!

Happy birthday Mike!

It was SWELTERINGLY HOT Friday afternoon.  Thank god I planned ahead and wore a nice shell under my suit jacket.  Mike, having taken the day off, was more comfy in his polo shirt and khakis.

No, the hot weather did not dissuade us from ordering rich hot food.  That’s what air conditioning is for!

Mike ordered the rack of lamb, and was only narrowly dissuaded from gnawing the bones once he’d finished with the meat:


I went with the chicken coq au vin, served with alsace kneffla (whatever that is!):

No, I didn't finish it.  I gave a bunch to Mike.

For dessert, Mike went with Crème Brûlée; I selected the Summer Berry Pot de Crème.

And then we fell over and died.

And then we staggered home and collapsed in a delirious food coma of bliss.

For those of you who were around last year, you’ll be happy to know that this year’s birthday present was a lot more successful than last year’s.  Mike was quite pleased with his pasta maker!

Fire-engine red is the proper color for pasta-makers.  Really.

He was a little less pleased by the clumpiness of the pasta when boiled; I suppose we didn’t separate it enough in the flour-strewn cookie sheet:

Yay for pasta!

BONUS PIC:  After I ate all the fruit out of my Frutta al Forno, I received a subliminal sign that I had achieved Foodie Nirvana:

Yin yang

Happy Nomming!

One Response to “Foodblogging!”

  1. Brad K. said


    Whew! I was afraid you would show something of Rajah’s food – or crossover fair.

    What you have looks great!

    Brad K.

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