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You people suck.

Posted by Lissa on August 20, 2009

Bias?  What bias?

In a nutshell — they carefully zoomed in on the AR-15 so that you couldn’t see any (black) skin of the owner, then complained about white racists packing heat.  Sweet!

(h/t Hot Air)


2 Responses to “You people suck.”

  1. Eseell said

    If the facts don’t fix the story, just change the facts!

  2. Brad K. said

    I lived six (6) years in Arizona. I still think it felt funny to stand in line at the bank counter in Fry’s Grocery – behind a guy with a revolver in his holster.

    I will say this. I never saw a mass shooting where people carried guns.

    Unlike the afternoon the guy went on a shooting spree in Silicon Valley in the late 1980’s – an hour after I had visited within two (2) blocks. But then, Californians weren’t much for keeping firearms or assuming the other guy is responsible for his own actions.

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