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Technology FAIL

Posted by Lissa on August 20, 2009

So, I was all excited about my little RSS feed-things in the left sidebar.  WAS.  Past tense.  Because I’m finding that it’s randomly creating links to the new posts as they pop up, especially in blogspot.

Grrrr.  Not that I mind link-whoring, but I’d like it to be intentional!

I’ve taken down some of the links to blogspot and I’ll try to fix this issue later tonight.  If I’m randomly linking to every post you publish, please drop me a comment and let me know!

One Response to “Technology FAIL”

  1. Brad K. said


    This might look like technology, or just one product, failing, but really this is a priceless learning opportunity?

    Priceless, because no on in their right mind would actually pay to find themselves in this kind of situation. But it is adversity that grows character. Untested assumptions that work, or at least appear to work, don’t teach us anything, and might reinforce bad biases or bad habits. So it is times like these that we might, as they put it in “Operation Pacific”, “Cuss and spit teeth”. Even if I have been watching too many submarine movies, this line from Operation Petticoat doesn’t seem to apply, “They got your girdle, Edna.”

    Soldier on!

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