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I wonder what moderate Obama voters are thinking nowadays

Posted by Lissa on August 12, 2009

I do, truly.

I don’t mean the extremely partisan Obama voters, ones who might damn him solely because he hasn’t yet closed Abu Ghraib.  Neither do I mean the ones who will love and revere him no matter what he does, believing in the idea of Obama far more than the actual man and his presidency.

I’m curious what the more moderate voters, the “centrists,” if you will, think of President Obama’s work so far.

Do they think the stimulus was a good idea that isn’t working?  Or isn’t working yet, but it will eventually?  Do they think it was a bad idea in retrospect but that couldn’t have been known at the time it was enacted?

Do they think that Obama has made some strides in repairing America’s reputation with the rest of the world?  Do they, personally, walk with more pride for having elected a black President?

Or do they cringe at his maligning of a Cambridge cop without — by his own admittance — having the facts?  Do they hear about some of Obama’s stumbles (anyone here speak “Austrian”?) and realize that Dubya was unfairly maligned for his (frequent) verbal mis-steps?

Do they cheer at his passionate rush towards enacting single-payer healthcare?  Or do they blanch at his telling the opposition to stop talking and get out of the way?  (Knowing that since the Democrats control both the executive and the legislative branches, Republican votes are not necessary to pass any bill; therefore it is not their support that is being sought, but rather their silence.)

Do they loathe the drone strikes which are still taking out Taliban leaders and which are a holdover from the Bush days?  Do they write it off as pragmatism, something necessary for international security and domestic political points?  Or do they shrug, knowing that no politician is going to please you 100% of the time?

These are the things I wonder.  It’s funny — I’m surrounded by Obama supporters, but I don’t know the answers.  (And of course answers are going to vary widely.)  For those who are closest to me, I’m extremely wary of starting this conversation.  And a good deal of this is my fault.  In the heated run-up to the election I discussed my opinions so passionately — and I don’t mean that in a good way, I mean headlong and reckless — that I burned a lot of conversational bridges.  I do not want to get in anyone’s face.

So — if you voted for Obama, where is your political barometer nowadays?  If you didn’t vote for Obama, do you know folks who did, and how are they feeling about his administration so far?


7 Responses to “I wonder what moderate Obama voters are thinking nowadays”

  1. I have two Obama supporting friends (they are married to eachother). One of them seems to be somewhat disapointed with Obama, and while he still wouldn’t go back and vote for McCain, he wishes that Obama would have lived up to what he thought he was voting for. His wife on the other hand is all like “WOO HOO!!! FREE HEALTHCARE FOR EVERYONE!!!”. Yes, she isn’t very smart…


  2. Jay G. said

    What are 0bama voters thinking?

    Hmmm. Let’s see the Top Ten responses:

    10. He may be a jug-eared neophyte who can’t speak without a teleprompter and commits gaffes at an alarming rate, but at least he’s not George Bush!

    9. Where’s my taco?

    8. I don’t know what everyone’s so mad about. I voted for the guy TV told me to vote for.

    7. Who cares? I got my $4,500.

    6. No, seriously, where’s that taco?

    5. Taxes? That’s what you pay when you have a job, man…

    4. I voted for who? Dude, don’t bogart that, uh, medicine!

    3. I’m starting to get upset that there’s no taco here…

    2. When’s he gonna dismantle the Karl Rove weather machine that made Hurricane Katrina?

    1. I wonder when that nice man from the government is going to come turn me towards the light again?

    Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week…

  3. MeatAxe said

    My doctor runs her own business (sole proprieter) and voted for Obama. The recent news showing how inadequate many of the health care and cap and trade proposals are to actually solving any problems has shaken her confidence in his leadership. She’s probably one of the ones who would see her taxes would go up, but voted for him cause she thought it was the right thing to do. Now, she’s troubled by the situation and starting to be more suspicious of what she hears from Washington.

  4. Brad_in_MA said


    As a Jew, almost every one of my Jewish friends, acquaintences, and family members voted for Obama. I was an outlier. These people are sticking with their guy like a fly to fly paper. There’s not much point in me having the conversation because their devotion to Obama is much like faith in The Almighty. They are believers in liberal ideology much like religion.

    Since when did potted plants start eating tacos?

  5. Breda said

    I’ve noticed that these “moderates” who voted for Obama are exactly the people who don’t pay attention to politics until a week before an election. They’ve all gone back to their American Idol or whatever they fill their brains with and have long since stopped paying attention.

  6. Breda said

    and YES, these people PISS ME OFF.

  7. TOTWTYTR said

    Thinking? THINKING? Obama voters don’t think, they BELIEVE! As Brad points out, it’s like a religion. Or maybe cult is more accurate since so many of them have drank the Kool-Aid.

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