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The Noisy Cricket

Posted by Lissa on August 4, 2009

(First two posts on the Bloggershoot are here and here)

Sure, Jay G can handle the Mossburg, and yeah, he can make brass rainbows.  But the real sign of a man is whether he can handle the Noisy Cricket.

Jay's new Facebook pic

(The gun belonged to Cheryl, Mopar‘s beloved.  Cheryl, eventually I’ll dump all this on Facebook; there’s a cute shot of you with your lil’ North American Mini.)

The Noisy Cricket (my name for it) was so small you had to fire it with the first section of your finger; no way you could get the trigger with your fingertip.  To me, it seemed like the kind of gun that college girls would take while clubbing.  You know, when girls have no pockets and no purse so they slip their ID/cash down the side of their pants?  This gun would fit there just perfectly.

Since Meataxe kindly gave the go-ahead, here’s a gun that probably would NOT fit in your pants:

Meataxe and his Garand

From my scribbled notes (Meataxe, that means please chime in and correct any mistakes) — he bought it from the Civilian Marksmanship Program, which sells surplus rifles.  Rifles like the Garand were what our soldiers used in World War II; we were the first to send our solders to war with a semi-auto, which is rather a large improvement from single-shots.  Of course, if I were a soldier it would be rather ineffective: not only did it kick like a mule (no matter how tight I tucked it to my cheek), but I couldn’t even push the clip down all the way with my thumb.  I needed help to load the gun before I could fire; that tends to cut down on the efficiency of your weapon, just a bit.  😉

Speaking of efficient weapons, my father maintains that there is no sound more frightening to a would-be burglar than the chink-chink! of a shotgun being pumped.  I tried to do my daddy proud and double the number of shotguns I lit off this year.

Mossburg 590

Jay’s Mossburg 590 had an extended magazine tube (which means seven rounds instead of five) and a heat shield.  And, as Jay put it, it “can haz bayonet!”  I shot that one first, then did a comparison with the older JC Higgins Model 20:

JC Higgins Model 20

Bottom line: I didn’t notice a great deal of difference between firing the two, except for the two extra rounds on the Mossburg.  But for those who have not had the pleasure, let me tell you — pumping a shotgun is delightful fun!

Oh, and Jay G had some killer-stylish buckshot:


I’ll have one more wrap-up post with my favorite quotes of the day.  Bloggers say some funny sh*t, man!


7 Responses to “The Noisy Cricket”

  1. Wally said

    Major points for correct use of “clip” ! Next time I expect to see you pelting Jay with one of those rainbows – or an ejected garand clip, those are just as fun!

  2. TOTWTYTR said

    I forgot to mention, I love how you walked around with a notebook taking notes when you weren’t shooting. I have a feeling that within a year or so you’ll be teaching US about guns, shooting, corrosive versus non corrosive ammunition, and World War II history.

    Oh, when fall comes you really need to go to a gun show. It’s an experience.

  3. On TOT’s comment (damn man, get a shorter handle):

    I work the area gun shows for Paul, & mebbe we could finagle a “Press” pass for you or something. I’ll have to speak w/the man first, of course…

  4. Jay G. said

    I’d be happy to chaperone a trip to a gun show if’n you’d like, Lissa…

    (and don’t forget – you (and Mike) are always welcome to travel north to Jay G land and shoot at my range…)

  5. Ok, so when are you coming to Texas to shoot with me, White Mike, and boyfriend?

  6. Borepatch said

    Jay brings the shotgun bling, yo!

  7. […] Wally (I think; I wrote down his real name, which of course I won’t use) speaking on TSA Kabuki:  […]

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