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I fell in love with a Ruger

Posted by Lissa on August 3, 2009

And, man, it loved me back.  As I said more than once yesterday — this was the first time in my life I’d walked around in the woods with a rifle slung over my shoulder.  And you know, I rather liked it.  🙂

This sweet lil’ thang belongs to TOTWTYTR, and apparently the sling and sights cost more than the gun:

(the patterned one on the bottom)

I *loved* this gun.  As much as I enjoyed the big booms of the shotguns and the Garand, I had a helluva lot more accuracy with the .22 Ruger.  TOTWTYTR was kind enough to give me free reign with his ammo box, and also kind enough to bring four magazines.  I ended up spending the last part of the shoot with the Ruger slung over my shoulder, loading up all four mags then firing off all four mags, over and over and over.

(TOTWTYTR made me a bit nervous by, in essence, showing me where everything went and then walking away, trusting me not to screw anything up.  I was less shy this year about asking for help the first time I used a new gun.  Which was wise because, sure enough, I didn’t stick the magazine in far enough the first time.  Thanks Mopar!)

I don’t know if you can tell, but I liked this gun

photo courtesy of Jay G

photo courtesy of Jay G

And now — the death of a mechanical dinosaur!

P.S.  Jay G‘s got his first review up with more to follow

12 Responses to “I fell in love with a Ruger”

  1. scotaku said

    Oh, hot dog I’m sorry I missed the robot dinosaur. I had a blast, too, and it’s going to be a few days before the smile goes away. Oh, and thanks for the cookies – did you add just an extra pinch of salt? Whatever, they were very good, and timely (breakfast? breakfast? I have to *go*!).


  2. Breda said

    oh, Lissa!! That is the exact Ruger I’ve wanted for like, ever, now. Isn’t it just so perfectly pretty and shooty?

    I am SO glad you had fun!

    It was great to have a minute with you on the phone too (thanks, JayG!) – maybe we can chat in person next year!

  3. Tam said

    My very first gun was a 10/22. You should get you one! 🙂

  4. Lissa said

    Scotaku, always nice to see you, and you’re very welcome for the cookies! Nope, I don’t put any salt in them, but I do throw in a bunch of cinnamon 🙂

    Breda, it was LOVELY! TOTWTYTR is prepping it for an Appleseed at Harvard in the fall; I think it’ll be great.

    Tam, I just heard from TOTWTYTR that Lissaville (Home of the Evil Conservatives) got a new Chief of Police, and he actually — GASP! — is willing to issue licenses. I think I need to start up a gun fund . . .

  5. TOTWTYTR said

    I trusted you because I knew that you weren’t going to screw anything up. Which you didn’t. It’s not uncommon to not push the magazine enough the first time. I did that yesterday with the Uzi first time I shot it. Bang, click, thud. It’s part of the experience.

    Seriously, I’m really happy you liked it so much. When you get yours I’ll send you links to all the places where I got the neat stuff.

    For the benefit of those interested, the neat stuff consists of Tech Sights, Uncle Mike’s front and rear swing swivels, a Garand style sling, aftermarket recoil buffer, extended magazine release, after market bolt release, and a spring kit.

    This post has all the details.

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  7. Bruce said

    TOTWTYTR, you’re not gonna send that sweet, young, innocent girl a link to Rimfire Central, are you? It will be the death of her bank account.

    Oops, did I just say that out loud?

  8. TOTWTYTR said

    No Bruce, just the link to the NES thread on LTRs. There is probably a link to Rimfire Central there, but a number of us mentioned to Lissa that you can go nuts spending money on parts and accessories for a 10/22.

    Of course the hard core enthusiast can buy a bare receiver and build their own 10/22. http://tinyurl.com/kp7kqb

  9. andrew said

    Lissa, if we do that again, I will bring my suppressed 10/22. Because the only thing better than a 10/22 is not having to listen to it.

  10. maddmedic said

    You are having WAY to much fun!! You must STOP! Or the flippin dipstick in the White House will create a “No Fun” Czar!!

    Can’t wait going this week end!!!

  11. […] I fell in love with a Ruger […]

  12. […] I fell in love with a Ruger […]

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