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A case of WHAT-THE-HELL! from England

Posted by Lissa on August 3, 2009

I really would like this to be an internet hoax.  Please, please someone point out the “April Fools!” from this article, because my jaw just dropped open so far it hit my stillies.

The Children’s Secretary set out £400million plans to put 20,000 problem families under 24-hour CCTV super-vision in their own homes.

They will be monitored to ensure that children attend school, go to bed on time and eat proper meals.

Private security guards will also be sent round to carry out home checks, while parents will be given help to combat drug and alcohol addiction.

Around 2,000 families have gone through these Family Intervention Projects so far.

You know what’s (not) funny?  I’m surprised that this idea got off the starting line because it’s so EXACTLY from 1984.  Even if the exercise of power was given thumbs-up, you’d think the APPEARANCE would be such a killer that no one would green-light a program like this.

So — hoax?  Anyone?


(h/t The Corner)

2 Responses to “A case of WHAT-THE-HELL! from England”

  1. Minnie said

    Since reading this I’ve been scouring any source I could think of to look for additional information or at the least something to invalidate this.

    Urgh. Please update if you find something, I can’t.

  2. maddmedic said

    I find nothing either….but, it is England

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