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I got bit by a Garand and I liked it

Posted by Lissa on August 2, 2009

Seriously — between the Garand and two shotguns, my shoulder was feeling a tiny bit abused.

Just three hours after leaving the range

Just three hours after leaving the range

(Though not as abused as my car, Bernard, feels.  That dirt road on the way to doubletrouble‘s had its way with poor Bernard.  I may have to contact social services.)

If you haven’t already read my post about last year’s bloggershoot, you really should hit that first.  I detailed my amazement with the careful rules and safe practice, all of which were just as present this year.  Since I’ve already covered all that, this year I’m going to dive right into the gun fun.  Well, I suppose just to be super-safe I’ll spell out the rules for you:

The Rules

We good?  All right then.  (FYI, we’re making a complete list of the attendees and those who don’t want names or pix posted.  Once I’ve got the go-ahead, I’ll share more of my fellow shooters.)

Our friend Paul was here again this year, and once more he graced us with the beautiful, beautiful MP-5.  A fully automatic weapon, it dispatches fiberglass targets with efficiency and panache.

Sadly, Paul couldn’t stay long, so we all hit the MP-5 within the first half hour.  (That, and . . . well, what better way to start a bloggershoot than with an MP-5??)  After that, we merrily set up our targets for destruction.  We didn’t have a Furbie, but we DID have an obnoxious cartoon brat who was CLEARLY begging for a whoopin’.

"Sir, I urgently need to be firmly macerated."  (quote from The Time Traveler's Wife)

"Sir, I urgently need to be firmly macerated." (quote from The Time Traveler's Wife)

(Beef jerky, chips, peanuts, Slim Jims and cookies.  Throwing lead at high velocity requires fuel.)

In honor of Monster Hunter International, Jay G (our “community organizer,” as Bruce named him — AWESOME) was proudly sporting the Snubbie From Hell in an ankle holster:


After the MP-5, I shouldered the M-1 Garand.  A semi-automatic clip-fed air-cooled .30-’06 (pronounced “thirty-ought-six”), the Garand was so heavy that my arms were trembling just from aiming.  (Per Four Rules, that means my arms were quivering before I ever got my finger on the trigger.)  I *think* it was owned by one of the gentlemen from Men Are Not Potatoes, but 1) I don’t know which one — I know his name but not his blogger identity; 2) I don’t know whether he’s okay with photos.  If I can, I’ll post more later.  Anyway, I put it to my shoulder and tucked it tight to the cheek.  It kicked like a mule.  If I ever take a Garand to war I will need to do some SERIOUS weightlifting first.

I didn’t actually get a chance to shoot it, but we did have a Glock 34 (9 mm) with an SWR suppressor.  Weer’d Beard shot it and LOVED it, as you can see:

After the huge booms of the long guns, the Glock literally went “plink!”  Apparently the suppressor is a spring-loaded device; it actually helps cycle the gun such that the recoil feels a little bouncy.

It’s getting late and I’m seriously beat, so I’ll save most of the rest till tomorrow (including the Ruger .22 that TOTWTYTR loaned me and I ended up stealing for the rest of the afternoon).  But I’ll give you both a treat and a preview before I quit.

The treat needs no explanation:

And here’s a preview . . .

Later, we’ll watch his head pop off.  You can’t wait!

P.S. BorePatch has his post up.  Mrs. Borepatch, we missed you!

15 Responses to “I got bit by a Garand and I liked it”

  1. Great videos! I’m so glad you got one of me shooting the Suppressed Glock! Hands down that was my favorite gun of the shoot!

    I gotta say full auto is damn fun, but suppressors are the absolute BERRIES!

  2. Oh BTW it’s certainly not a weight or muscles thing, my shoulder looks about like that!

  3. MeatAxe said

    Hi Lissa,

    That was my Garand, and I’m glad you liked it. Feel free to post pix or whatever,


    Terence (meataxe from http://menrnotspuds.blogspot.com/)

  4. Thomas said

    Good thing you didn’t shoot a SMLE or Poisoned Maggot Rooskie rifle like weerd likes. (Oh weerd, if you read this, I’ve had some inquiries about manufacturing really effective muzzle brakes that flash hide or a porting system for Moseying Naggers. Depends on how many people express interest as to if I’d bother. Be too expensive as a one off. Cost more than a C&R Maggot purchase cost)

    Garands don’t kick much for cartridge choice compared to the above because the gas action and reciprocating parts extend the time over which the recoil impulse is felt. Felt recoil is a recoil curve from starting at trigger pull to firearm movement, to max firearm push to taper off. This occurs over a longer period of time in a gentler fashion with Semi-Autos. Just for future reference.

    I wandered over here from weerd’s place and the only Garand I’ve ever shot that bites me a bit is my custom in .338WinMag because unlike most people that have done/bought .338 Garands, mine isn’t braked as brakes are hard on the ears and the ears of those around you and I forget ear plugs or muffs when I hunt…

    We did a mini TX gunblogger shoot Friday and caused serious bruises but we were shooting SMLEs and .577 Enfields and .577 BPEs and .458 WinMag/Lott, etc. I realize “this is an exhibition not a competition, please no wagering.”

    Happy Shooting I’ll have a look around your domain,

  5. Thomas said

    Speaking of heavy battle rifles that kick, my acquaintance Mad Mike wrote a nice bit on the Rooskies weerd loves so much. It’s pretty funny and yet truthful.

    • Buckshot said

      I can cure that “Garand Kick” with one shot.

      All you need to do is fire one round of Ball, Cal. .30, M2 (or even more the older Ball, Cal. .30, M1) from a US Springfield with a Type S stock, and the recoil of a Garand with Ball, M2 will NEVER bother you again!



      • Thomas said

        Or you could fire my .338 WinMag M1 Garand Custom by McCann Industries of, WA with some tinkering done by myself as well with my light 250 grain loads, even, not the heavy DG loads which are quite impressive. It’s an “interesting rifle” as far as the recoiling of Garands go, although it does have a recoil pad. I’m sure it’d be quite interesting if I had fitted a USGI steel butt plate stock on it after the re-barrelling and reworking of the magazine and internals but I didn’t see the point. Up their near my .500 Black Powder Express and .577 Snider(steel butt plate Carbine) but not quite in ele rifle recoil territory. 🙂


  6. Breda said

    Wow. You look GREAT with that MP-5!

  7. Cheryl said

    Mopar’s beloved here . . . had a blast yesterday (pun intended). It was nice to meetcha! I’ve got scads of photos posted on Facebook (I gotta bruise too!) . . . lemme know if you want to see and I’ll share.

  8. andrew said

    Just a small nit: the suppressor (also referred to as a “can”) has two main parts, the baffles, which capture the gas. That does the actual suppression. The other part, has a spring, this is the “booster”. This is from wikipedia:

    Nearly all short recoil designs are based on the John Browning-designed tilting barrel lockup, as used in the M1911, Browning Hi-Power and Glock pistols. This system uses a tilting barrel, which means that in addition to adding mass, the suppressor also adds rotational inertia, greatly resisting the force that tilts the barrel. Special mechanisms, called recoil boosters or Nielsen devices (shown in the photo gallery below), are used to decouple the mass of the suppressor from the barrel. These devices consist of a sliding piston in the rear of the suppressor that is forced back under the pressure of the powder gas, thus forcing the barrel backwards and unlocking the short recoil mechanism. Adding a recoil booster increases the complexity and cost of the suppressor, but enhances its ability to function in the semiautomatic mode.

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  10. ZerCool said

    I’m real glad you were taking pictures, since I really didn’t bother – too many things to play with!

    Pictures of me and/or my hardware with my blog name are fine.

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