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Wow, tanning beds are bad for you. Who knew?

Posted by Lissa on July 31, 2009


Tanning beds have been ranked alongside cigarettes, arsenic and asbestos as posing the greatest threat of cancer to humans by an international cancer research group.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has moved ultra-violet emitting tanning beds to its highest cancer risk category and labeled them as “carcinogenic to humans” after ruling they are more dangerous than previously suggested.

Are there people who are actually surprised by this?  It’s been pretty well determined that baking in the actual, natural sun does not-good things for your skin.  Popping into a fluorescent booth that will do in ten minutes what would take the sun at least a few hours could not possibly be good for your skin.  This makes perfect and logical sense.

Therefore, I expect to see high taxes being slapped on tanning beds and tanning sessions.  I expect to see salons offering tanning beds to be segregated businesses, far away from schools or ice cream parlors or any place where vulnerable young teenage girls hang out.  I expect users of tanning beds to be treated with the same disgust as cigarette smokers and arsenic-eaters. 


In the run-up to the wedding I hit the tanning booth every weekend.  I wanted to be tan for the Big Day (I turn kind of yellowish instead of pale — it’s the Chinese thing) and I wanted to be not-scorched on the honeymoon.  Knowing now that tanning is “carcinogenic to humans,” not just PROBABLY carcinogenic . . . I wouldn’t change a damn thing. 

Wearing heels gives you knee problems later in life, I’ve heard.  Good luck prying my stillies off my cold, dead feet.  (Now there’s a macabre image !)

Add this to the long, long, ever-growing list of things that will be banned/heavily-penalized under government-run healthcare . . .

3 Responses to “Wow, tanning beds are bad for you. Who knew?”

  1. I fully expect a cold-dead lissa (icky image, but you started it ;-P) to momentarily spring back to life and bitch-slap anyone who would try to pry your stilletos off of your cold dead feat.

    On an aside, I’m reminded of the time at Jenerations when you threw your stilleto at boyfriend and he responded by hiding it in the men’s room.

    Lissa (in a very shrill voice) to Barbie: He took my shoooooooeeee and hid it the in the men’s room!

    Boyfriend to Barbie: What? She thinks she can throw her shoe at me and get it back?


  2. Brad K. said


    Don’t forget the historically dangerous table items – Nutrasweet, corn sweetener, ice cubes, sugar, and nagging.

    And we do need two lists. One of things that cause cancer, and the other of things that cause cancer if you go to California.

  3. Amadeo said

    When you mentioned the possibility of government banning tanning beds, you are not too far off. They are considering restricting tanning beds in some states for young people below a certain age. Also, only a certain type of sunless (fake) tanning spray/lotion are deemed safe by the FDA. More information at – http://spirfit.blogspot.com/2009/05/only-safe-tanning-method.html

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