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Posted by Lissa on July 31, 2009

I have a nasty habit of grinding my teeth in my sleep, especially if I’m perturbed or worried or anything like that.  Yes, I have a mouthguard.  No, I don’t use it.  Why?  Because it tends to give me dreams that I’ve been kidnapped, bound and gagged.   I’d rather take the tooth wear and resulting headaches.

I’ll try to have an actual, interesting post sometime later today.  In the meantime, OW.

One Response to “Owwwwwwww”

  1. Brad K. said


    Some things you can try
    – warm salt water gargle, good for inflammation and pain in the gums and teeth

    – One aspirin. It takes a little of the edge off, a whole lot of tylenol or aspirin won’t do much better.

    – relaxation techniques – meditate, yoga, even simply relaxing, take three breaths, then relax the tension that is left, take three breaths. Then recognize that there is still tension, and relax the rest of the way. And repeat a few more times.

    – warm water, maybe with herbal tea (I like decaf green tea, or honey lemon ginseng) with honey (avoid sugar or artificial sweeteners; honey heals). Or even hot tea.

    – Think warm colors.

    Get well soon, and do brush those teeth and rinse before bed time . . . and maybe try toothpicking the gums before bed. Grinding the teeth is often about discomfort. Um, you don’t have a reflux problem, do you? That can be a chronic source of night time discomfort and sinus infection, including washing some of the enamel off teeth leading to increased incidence of tooth decay.

    Take care.

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