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Does this count as a karmic apology?

Posted by Lissa on July 30, 2009

If so, I suppose I accept, but I still hate you buggers and I always will.

I’m amused to find that my post on hell-bugs has become one of the top results for a Google image search of the term “house centipede.”

Seriously, take a look at my top posts from the last quarter:

2009-05-01 to Today

Title Views
The hell with Robin Hood, bring me the H 685 More stats
Three-picture Thursday: 3/26/09 579 More stats
And they wonder why we dislike the UN 534 More stats
10 good things about a Barack Obama pres 208 More stats
A treatise on female toilet etiquette 179 More stats
How wierd! 137 More stats
President Obama bows to the Saudi King – 120 More stats

So of all the things for which this blog could be randomly pinged, it’s not the brilliant (snort) political commentary.  It’s not the breathless exposé on women’s restrooms.  It’s not the delicious recipes or even the shameless cat pr0n.

Nope, it’s the gut-twisting shivering squeamish post on The Most Evil Creature Known To This Humble Blogger.  (I won’t even click on that post if I can help it.  That’s how much I loathe and fear these mini-monsters.)

So like I said — I’ll take the 600-plus hits, and welcome . . . but don’t think I like you any better, hell-bugs.  As far as I’m concerned your proper and ONLY place will be smeared along the bottom of a shoe.  Preferably by Mike, while I hide in the corner and cry.

Do y’all have any funny posts like that?  Random hit generators that make you shake your head?

4 Responses to “Does this count as a karmic apology?”

  1. Brad K. said


    How did you prepare the list of top pages?

    Brad K.

  2. hsoi said

    Yup. In fact, mine just happened yesterday. This post here:


    and in one day netted nearly 1200 hits.

    But that’s the trouble with this WordPress stats stuff. I cannot tell where or what or how the hits came from. The things the stats says, like referring pages, search engine terms… there’s nothing in the stats that wordpress.com gives me that lets me know where the hits came from, and what it does give me gives me no indicators… none of those numbers add up.

    I’m dying to know what caused the spike in hits on that page.

  3. Borepatch said

    Well that explains all the traffic you’ve been sending my way – the Three Picture Thursday post points to Mrs. Borepatch shooting a SMLE.

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