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Lack of politics posts

Posted by Lissa on July 23, 2009

Good morning all!  As usual, I’m sitting here at 6:30 AM, groggily sipping coffee and blearily peering at the screen and trying to think of something to say.

You may have noticed that my posting has been more personal lately.  I used to do more posts on domestic and international politics, but that’s fallen by the wayside in the past few weeks.

There are a few reasons for that.

First off, I think it’s not surprising that I have less to say about politics than I did a year ago, when we were in the thick of the election season.  Instead of excitedly posting an Oo oo did you hear about this?? snippet, I read the news of the day and just shake my head.  Well, sh*t.  But what did you expect?

But there’s more to it than Obama — or general government — fatigue, and this is the part I’m not proud of.

I received some pretty harsh reactions a few weeks ago on some of my political opinions and it’s hard for me to shake it off.

I think of myself as taking the soap opera approach to politics — I read a lot of interesting articles, but I don’t get into seriously deep analysis.  I’m no Mark Steyn or Victor Davis Hanson; I just find some things interesting.  Occasionally I make the effort to streamline my thoughts into something more elegant than the average four-year-old.  (I said try.  I make no claims about relative success in that arena.)

Some of my friends think I’m crazy (or at least crazy-wrong).  That’s totally fine with me — a few years ago I would have thought I was crazy, too.  I’ve laughingly said that I wouldn’t be surprised if they got out the straitjacket and took me away to the politics asylum.

Why, then, am I so gun-shy just because I got a few negative reactions? Isn’t that what bloggers live for?

Well, no.  Not me.  I’m a middle-child and I tend to deeply internalize criticism.  It’s one of the reasons I’m happy I will never be a big-name blogger with legions of trolls — I don’t have the constitution for it.

Anyway.  Eventually I’ll get over it.  But in the meantime, it’s been easier to post about cats and coffee than about Palin or I’m A Dinner Jacket.

And cats and coffee do have their places too, you know.

May 1 071

Rajah gets PWNED by a monkey

4 Responses to “Lack of politics posts”

  1. Jay G. said

    I’m truly sorry to hear that, Lissa. Yours is a refreshing, new voice, one that cuts through the fog of politics and exposes the silly heart of things. It’s unfortunate that those whose opinions you value cannot – as their political “betters” often espouse “embrace diversity”, at least as it applies to political philosophy.

    As for dealing with trolls, I can’t offer much help there. For some reason, I don’t tend to attract all that many. Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned there – all you need to do is turn into a six foot tall, shaved head biker gun nut… 😉

    Anyhoo, I hope you decide to jump back in the fray. Your insights will be missed…

    • Lissa said

      Thank you, Jay, truly. I’m sure I’ll get back to politics sooner or later — there’s too much ridiculousness for me to resist forever!

      Seriously though . . . one of the great things about blogging is learning to accept criticism. There’s no way I can please anyone 100% of the time. Logically, therefore, I should just accept that sometimes I’m going to irritate folks, and irritable reactions might come back at me. I should just shake it off. But it doesn’t come as easily as I’d like.

  2. Brad K. said

    DraftResource.com. A chat board about owning draft horses. You wouldn’t think that you would get sniping and hurtful things said, trolls, etc. It took me over three years to quiet the hurt, and keep things pretty much positive and upbeat.

    Don’t feed the trolls. They live on mayhem and hurt. They figure getting any response is better than being ignored. Ignore them completely, and they do go away. Including the IP address and timestamp in the message header helps – then anyone in the world can complain to their ISP, often getting the offender reprimanded or lose their service.

    Remember, a blog is both published widely – and a personal venue. It says what you want to say, mostly. I didn’t see any disclaimer about promising that all comments will be left on the site; I found that editing offending parts of comments got me in trouble; deleting them worked fair. Your mileage may vary (YMMV).

    Blessed be.

  3. So, instead of increasing hits with astute political observation, you’re resorting to

    CAT PR0N??!!!??!

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