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Putting the “casual” in “business casual”

Posted by Lissa on July 21, 2009

I just rode the elevator with a stylish-yet-profesisonal well-dressed woman in her mid-thirties.

Her black suit fit perfectly, the skirt falling above the knee but not drastically so, showing off slim legs.  Her blazer was nicely structured, creating an hourglass figure, and worn open over a pale pink shell.  Peep-toe black leather pumps lent her height and showed off impeccably groomed toenails the same shade of pink as her shell.  Truly, this woman looked like an all-star graduate of What Not to Wear.

Right up until she started blowing bubbles, her gum the same lovely carnation shade as her top and her toenails.


3 Responses to “Putting the “casual” in “business casual””

  1. Brad K. said


    I think you missed an opportunity for a challenging life experience. She used the gum-bubble gambit to let you know she was attracted to you, and wanted to explore . . . other opportunities. The bubble wasn’t attire-inappropriate or juvenile, it was intimate.

    You did smile at her, on entering the elevator, now didn’t you? She just returned your flirtatious overture.

    Well, that or she was one that cheered watching “Earth Girls Are Easy” when Julie Brown sang her “Cause I’m Blonde” beach cameo.

  2. Borepatch said

    You kin take a girl outta the country, but you cain’t take the country outta the girl.

  3. Ian Argent said

    I wonder which she chose first and then had to match, the gum or the nail polish/shell?

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