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Two good ways to call someone a computer moron

Posted by Lissa on July 17, 2009

We all work with That Guy, right?  (Or in my case, That Woman.)  The one who calls the help desk because she can’t figure out how to grab a snapshot in Adobe Reader.  The one who calls you over for help because she can’t figure out how to Sort in Excel.  (You told her about the Header Row/ No Header Row significance, but she didn’t listen.  Or didn’t understand.  Despite having taken agonizingly slow notes while you demonstrated the process, AGAIN.)  That person whose printer you’ve had to set up FOUR DIFFERENT TIMES because she lost the printed out instructions (complete with screenshots) that you wrote up just for her. 

Jim the IT Guy came by the other day responding to a help desk ticket placed by That Woman.  When I wryly asked him how he liked the frivolity of That Woman’s tech issues, he rolled his eyes and said that the help desk folks had a few terms for That Woman’s software snafus:

1)      “Her keyboard driver is the problem.”  I.e., her fingers, driven by her brain.  Or lack thereof.

2)      “She’s got an I – D – ten dot tee error.”  ID10.T.  *snerk*

So there you go.  Use them wisely, my minions!

5 Responses to “Two good ways to call someone a computer moron”

  1. Marko said

    When I was still a help desk jockey, we had a diagnosis for that sort of customer that went “there’s a short between the keyboard and the floor”.

  2. OldGuy said

    he forgot one..

    PEBKAC error.

    (problem exists between keyboard and chair)

  3. Jay G. said

    I’ve heard it as PICNIC: Problem In Chair, Not In Computer…

  4. Ian Argent said

    Loose nut on keyboard

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