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“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

Posted by Lissa on July 16, 2009

I love it:

Ladies and gentlemen of the Hot Air community, I have discovered an unfair disparity in access to a vital resource based on the economic condition of the consumer. This disparity is not just egregious, but it threatens the very core of our American way of life. People routinely get denied adequate and competent service on the basis of their ability to pay, even though they have a right to it, while the rich eat up all the resources with their ability to access the best and brightest in the field. And in the interest of fairness, the federal government needs to find a solution and impose it on the industry as a whole.

I refer, of course, to legal representation. [snip]

Even beyond that, though, the wealthy and connected have access to a much wider range of legal services than even the middle class can afford. Estate planning, trust funds, tax shelters — all of these can be expertly provided to those with the resources to afford them, while other Americans get second-class status in our legal system. For those who aspire to egalitarianism of result, this arrangement should be such an affront that it demands real action — now.

I propose that the government impose a single-payer system on the legal profession. Instead of charging private fees, all attorneys would have to send their bills to LegalCare, a new agency in the federal government. Because the government can bargain collectively, they can impose rational fees for legal services instead of the exorbitant billing fees attorneys now charge. Three hundred dollars an hour? Thing of the past. Everyone knows that the government can control costs through price-setting; now we can see this process applied to the legal system, where the government has a large interest in seeing cost savings.



One Response to ““The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.””

  1. Brad K. said

    I doubt that the lawyers that make up Congress will see cutting costs of lawyers to be all that attractive.

    What I would like to see is a tax on fees and bonuses earned for legal representations, set at 105% above $30/hour.

    Apply that to accountants (creative, street corner tax preparers, banking, brokering, or other) that provide financial services. Set their tax at 102% of fees and bonuses and wages over $35 an hour. One auditor I watched used a Snoopy 8 digit calculator. It was embarrassing.

    That, or charge any tax savings from loopholes and trusts and apply that amount as a tax due from the attorneys and accountants involved in setting up and maintaining the tax dodge.

    As is is now, court-awarded lawyer fees, no matter who ends up paying them, are untaxed. That loophole has wanted closing for a couple of centuries.

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