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The coolest present ever

Posted by Lissa on July 13, 2009

For anyone who liked The Godfather, anyway.  Horse’s heads are the new flowers!


This would be the enormous stuffed severed horse’s head we got LilBro1 for his birthday.  The damn thing even has a spinal cord!


LilBro1 was entertained as hell 🙂 (You can find it here.)

In other, less happy news, I feel like someone took a blow torch and some steel wool to the back of my throat.  DayQuil and saltwater-gargling will be a regular feature on my schedule today . . .

One Response to “The coolest present ever”

  1. Brad K. said

    The sore throat might be – maybe – one of two issues. Sinus drainage – the mucus in your sinuses oozing down your throat is caustic and irritating, and contains really cruddy guck. The continued oozing and contact burns and irritates your throat. I recommend adding saline nasal mist (non medicated) to the mix. Spray twice in each nostril (with a big inhale each time), once an hour, and blow, just the way my family doctor recommended to me. He claimed it would clear up to a sinus infection with no meds, and help allergies. It isn’t quick, but after a few hours you will be amazed at the chunks that break loose. You might think this is funny, but it’ snot.

    Another possibility is GERD, gastro-esophageal reflux disease. The muscle at the bottom of your throat relaxes a bit, and stomach acids and guck fling themselves up your throat. GERD is the most common reason for chronic sinus infection and sinusitis. In initial stages the reflux often occurs in your sleep, and all you know is the acid burn damage to your throat and sinuses. In more advanced GERD you experience the reflux even while awake – heartburn, burning in the sinuses, burning when breathing (damage to the throat where the lungs connect to the throat), rough voice (acid damage, again), and choke (accumulated acid burn scar buildup) – food won’t go down the throat. Typical treatment involves assessing damage with an endoscopy that your doctor can order done, if need be. Alcohol, onions, chocolate all relax the hiatal sphincter at the bottom of the throat that causes the mess; GERD folk should avoid them. Also, avoid eating at bed time – tons of stuff in the stomach just as you lie down invites disaster.

    Unless you just have a cold. Then, hot green tea with honey, for the throat, and saline nasal mist. Plenty of bed rest, fruit juices. Remember, a cold will go away in a couple of weeks; treat it, and it will linger for 14 days. An aunt told me that, once.

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