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Nope, not my fault. Try again.

Posted by Lissa on July 8, 2009

Did you know that you helped kill Michael Jackson?  No, really:

While we can separate other popular figures’ popular coda from the actual personality, with Michael Jackson we couldn’t separate the superstar from the man. To us he has always been the child prodigy, the talented teen, the global superstar and the freakshow – never just a human being. To many JFK was a great leader, an inspiration but his womaniser ways are just his humanistic flaws – he was just human after all. Why wasn’t (isn’t) the same formula applied to Michael Jackson?

Make no mistake, we all killed Michael Jackson. Everyone who consumes popular culture dealt a blow to which I believe was a very fragile human being. The pressures of having to perform at such an early age, the overbearing pressures of success, the indecent accusations and ultimately being rejected from the institution that once praised him – one way or another we all played a part.

I for one wish the man and his family nothing but peace, but the kingdom in which he once ruled will find it difficult to do the same.

Me, I’m fairly sure that Michael Jackson killed Michael Jackson, heartily enabled by sycophantic doctors and hangers-on who encouraged him to medicate himself to death. I haven’t heard that anyone tied him down and forced drugs into his system — that was his own doing.

Michael Jackson was a sad, sick person who was once a great musician.  He was also fifty years old.  Some people have horrible pressure-laden abusive childhoods and grow into responsible adults.  Some do not.  You can pity the latter, search for root causes and all that, shake your head at what the child had to go through as you please.

But I’ll be damned if I’m going to accept my officially-allotted piece of the blame here.

A public figure . . . trying to sell his music and garner publicity to become a more wealthy, popular public figure . . . managed to sell me some of his music (the Thriller album — great music!) . . . oh, and I used to watch his music videos . . . and therefore I helped kill him?!?

Sorry buddy, I’ve got enough of a guilt-complex already, I’m not tacking on the responsibility for various random celebrities.  Better luck next time.


4 Responses to “Nope, not my fault. Try again.”

  1. Bob S. said

    If we killed Michael Jackson, why aren’t all the other child prodigies and superstars dead?

    Thousands, tens of thousands of people have had successful performance careers and not ended up dead at an early age. Perhaps that suggests there is a personal choice and responsibility to their lives?

    You are absolutely right, Mike killed Mike. PERIOD. End of my involvement.

  2. Brad K. said


    I think I may have enabled Michael Jackson while I watched him with his brothers on Andy Williams. I don’t think I enabled his addiction since.

    If fame is an addictive substance like alcohol, pedophilia, cocaine, and the plastic surgeon’s claim to make one beautiful (it takes a smile, silly!), then Jermaine and the doctors and the venue operators hawking tickets and records are the enablers and the ones responsible for standing between Michael Jackson and a healthy life.

    Trying to involve fans in the “we all killed MJ” diatribe is silly. It is *marketing*, not an ineffable virtue of performance or music or dance that the promoters use to bind the performer to the audience.

    Besides, he had only been releasing albums to capitalize on the publicity of molesting charges the last few albums/trials.

    Good call.

  3. Jay G. said

    And here I was thinking it was video what killed the radio star…

  4. totwtytr said

    Not guilty, as I never listened to his craptastic music nor do I “consume pop culture.” In fact I DETEST it. Anna Nicole, the Singing Pedophile, none of them. I’m too busy living a real life, with interesting things going on, with real problems that need solving, with reality, to worry about people who are celebrities because they and the useless media tell us they are celebrities. They could all die tomorrow and I wouldn’t care.

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