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Technology RAWKS

Posted by Lissa on July 7, 2009

Let’s have a little comparison session here, shall we?

This awesome lil’ Eee is only the second computer I’ve ever bought.  (Mike had a laptop and a desktop, so we’ve been using his.  I didn’t have a computer of my own because when I lived by myself I went without Internet or cable — kind of kills the need for a PC.)  That means that my only other personal computer was the laptop I purchased for Ye Olde Liberal Arts College, back in 1998.


OLD AND BUSTED: roughly 10 pounds
NEW HOTNESS: 3.4 pounds, including battery pack

OLD AND BUSTED: 2 gigs of hard drive
NEW HOTNESS: 160 gigs of hard drive

So, let’s recap: eleven years after buying my first computer, I buy my second computer, which has eighty times the memory and is one third of the weight, for less than one third of the price.

Technology RULEZ!!!!!!!1!


2 Responses to “Technology RAWKS”

  1. Jay G. said

    I had the same thought recently, Lissa.

    We bought a Toshiba laptop last September, I think we paid $550 for it.

    Two months ago we got an Eee. $250.

    For $800 we have two internet capable computers, both of which have more power than the $2,000 PC that’s quietly rotting in the office…

  2. Breda said

    Now you need a super cute gelaskin to dress it up!

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