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Monday morning pick-me-up

Posted by Lissa on July 6, 2009

A litter, a lot-tle, a kindle of kittehs at the Lissaville (Home of the Evil Conservatives) Animal Shelter!


2 Responses to “Monday morning pick-me-up”

  1. Breda said

    I could never ever volunteer at a shelter. I’d have 100 cats. Srsly.

    • Lissa said

      Believe me, the temptation is there! The only thing that stops me from becoming a full-fledged Crazy Cat Lady is that the cats I’d most want to take home — the cavorting kittens, the affectionate tabbies, the thunderously-purring tuxedos — are the ones that will find good homes, and quickly. To do a real service I’d have to adopt a spiteful trollop like Chloe, who yowled at me, hissed, and tried her best to make me bleed. Why? I was trying to clean her litter box.

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