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Hamburger? MINE!

Posted by Lissa on July 6, 2009

Hamburgers are, of course, an integral part of any Independence Day celebration.  As far back at 1777, American patriots slaughtered their revolutionary cows, chopped at their flesh with sabers and molded the resulting beef into delicious flame-seared patties.  (As opposed to cooking them on gas stoves, which didn’t exist.  Or George Foremans or Cuisinart Griddlers, which also didn’t exist.)  Yes sirree, revolutionary Americans knew that the one sure way to stick it to that British poofter King George III was to enjoy a mouthwatering ground beef patty — the British, you see, don’t HAVE ground beef.  They chewed on their clearly-lacking mincemeat pasties and just burned with envy.  Just ask Rachel Lucas.

Really, is there anything that can beat hand-pressed succulent pure-beef patties?

Why yes, there IS!  Glad you asked 🙂  Even better than pure-beef hamburgers are STUFFED hamburgers.  Mike lined the bottom of the press with ground beef, then we sprinkled the middle with fixings and added more beef on top before gently compressing.  Only problem was, we wanted different stuffings.  Mike used thyme, rosemary, minced garlic and onions in his, while I wanted just onions and ketchup in mine.

Yes, KETCHUP.  On HAMBURGERS.  It makes sense.

Unless you’re Mike.

He adamantly refuses to put ketchup on his cheeseburgers.  (I think it’s a texture thing.)  So when you have one patty that holds ketchup, and one that blessedly does not, how do you tell them apart?

I suppose I could have put a piece of foil or wax paper in the baggie.  Or put an X on one.  But really, what fun would that be?


Did y’all have fun on your holiday weekend?


One Response to “Hamburger? MINE!”

  1. Brad K. said

    Um, I believe the commercial answer is colored toothpicks. Maybe if by rosemary, and two if by catsup.

    Happy Monday!

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