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Rajah demonstrates why Netbooks are cool

Posted by Lissa on July 3, 2009

Because you need room on your lap for a laptop AND a kitteh.  Duh!

Webcam - Rajah and Lissa

UPDATE: Busted!  Yes, Alan, that’s why I got an Eee 🙂


6 Responses to “Rajah demonstrates why Netbooks are cool”

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  2. Breda said

    Yeep! I usually have a cat draped over me when I blog on my Eee too!

  3. Brad K. said

    But – all three of my cats are barn cats (Grey, Spot, Oscar). I see them, sometimes, at feeding time, some days. If I get an Eee, do I have to make one of them a house cat, an actual pet?

    Rajah takes a very good picture – as do you. Your home looks lovely!

    But I couldn’t make out the book titles. *sigh*

    • Lissa said

      LOL, Brad 🙂 Let’s see, a whole lotta Tom Clancy and Asimov on the top row . . . next shelf’s got some Tolkien, a bit of Rand, some Harry Potter, some John Grisham, a bit of Amy Tan, and Stories from China and Tibet. Better?

      • Mike said

        Just over your shoulder is a copy of War & Peace I got a few years ago with the idea that I would read more great literature (I had just read Pride & Prejudice and enjoyed it).

        And a shelf or two down I have my whole row of Robert Jordan/Wheel of Time. I’m so glad I was able to find bootleg copies of those for Kindle because I really didn’t want to tote the hardcovers around on the train and I need to finish them again before the new one comes out!

        [Ahem … YOU found? 🙂 — Lissa]

      • Mike said

        Yeah, I found them on the web site you pointed out as having them 🙂

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