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Things I didn’t know about the fracas in Honduras

Posted by Lissa on June 30, 2009

It’s not as bad to steal a comment as it is to steal a post, right?  I hope not, ’cause this is taken wholesale from Mike Devx’s comment at Bookworm Room:

First, some direct info about their Constitution. Regardless of whether any of these articles are good ideas, they do exist:

-Article 42 strips citizenship rights from those who call for the re-election or continuing (beyond the term) of the President of the Republic.

– Article 239 not only prohibits the re-election of a President of the Republic, but calls for the immediate removal from public office and disqualification from any political office for 10 years any person who calls for a change in that prohibition.

– Article 373 gives the power to amend the Constitution solely to the National Congress, with no role for any “referendum”.

– Article 374 prohibits any amendments to the prohibition of a multi-term President of the Republic.

– Title VII, with two chapters, outlines the process of amending the constitution and sets forth the principle of constitutional inviolability. The constitution may be amended by the National Congress after a two-thirds vote of all its members in two consecutive regular annual sessions.

There’s more, too. 

I don’t know that kicking Zelaya out of the country was correct or just.  But for the rest of it — it doesn’t look like the Honduras to-do was an old school the-military-decides-to-take-over-the-country deal.


4 Responses to “Things I didn’t know about the fracas in Honduras”

  1. Mike said

    As a general rule, if some political happening is so roundly denounced by Chavez et al, it’s probably an example of the rule of law.

  2. robot said

    here is some more great info if you want some background. It has multiple sources in one story http://www.newsy.com/videos/honduras_pajamas_and_a_coup
    do you think the coup is justified?

  3. eddie said

    See the Honduran Constitution at

    Run the above articles through babelfish.yahoo.com to translate them and see for yourself.

  4. TOTWTYTR said

    From the beginning the MSM and President Feckless have tried to pass this off as some sort of banana republic coup, but it’s an entirely constitutional and legal act.

    President Chucklehead apparently thought he could do an end run and got caught. The fact that he was exiled and not imprisoned or given a lead injection is a good sign that the people who tossed him were on the right side.

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