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Lost in translation

Posted by Lissa on June 26, 2009

Mike’s cousin M is four years old and just cute as a button.  That being said, she needs a little work on her delivery . . .

M: “Knock knock!”

LISSA: “Who’s there?”

M: “Why does . . . why does a gopher . . . wear two shirts?”

LISSA: (puzzled) “Um, what’d you say, sweetie?”

M: “Why does a gopher wear two shirts?”

LISSA: “Gee M, I don’t know, why?”

M: “In case . . . he gets a rip, right here!” (indicating her breastbone)

LISSA: (utterly bewildered) “Oh . . . um, right there?”

M: (gleefully) “Yes!!!”

LISSA:  “Um, oh!  Hahahaha!!!” 

After a bit of clarification from the aunts and uncles, I give you a perhaps more-comprehensible version:

Q. Why does a  golfer wear two shirts?

A: In case he gets a hole in one.

You might like M’s version better 🙂

Happy Friday!

One Response to “Lost in translation”

  1. Brad K. said

    The M story seemed more entertaining. Besides, if you wear two shirts, the odds are that tearing a hole will tear both shirts, then you get blood on two shirts and you don’t have a spare. So, really, when it comes off delivered properly, the joke is really, really, lame. But with the right presentation – all that doesn’t matter in the least.

    So, have you bought M a gopher t-shirt yet?

    This shirt with the “attack hamster” is really a gopher. Or prairie dog?

    Then there are the Anoka, MN Gophers, and the Minnesota Golden Gophers

    – – Of course, you could just discuss how thoroughly an HMR .17 round would make a hole in any shirt any gopher might wear. And then you could discuss gopher stew, and Shrek-like Gopher, Rotisserie Style. Maybe stuff with sage and apricot slivers. Show her how you could skin the formerly shirt-wearing gopher, turn the skin inside out and put on her head, and claim “Eee! I been scalped!” I bet that would make the family dinner memorable.

    Well, thankfully M has competent and responsible adults to guide her growth. Watching the little ones grow gives us hope for the future, reminds us of our past, and binds us to our family and community. And who knows? Maybe knowledge of gophers, and gopher shirts, will save a life one day. Knock! Knock!

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